Restaurant Review- Dosa Plaza Karama

So one of my friends asked me to review Dosa Plaza as she wants to take her inlaws there next week. Thought it is a wonderful opportunity to add my review for all my readers too.

It was a weekday, luckily there was ample parking available right outside the Karama branch *Woohoo*. The decor of the place is interesting with phrases like ‘mein prem dosa ki diwani hoon’ & ‘Dosas with identity’. Our server for the evening whose name I fail to recall, greeted us with a wide smile and directed us to the right seating area. I was surprised to see the restaurant almost full at dinner time on a weekday which is great actually. Anyways so we set to order, we ordered a plate of dahi batata puri, Paneer spring roll dosa, American chopsuey with paneer dosa & Schezwan dosa. In matter of 15 minutes all the dosas and the chat arrived. I tried the dahi batata puri but it was really not upto the mark, it was overly sweet and that had overpowered the taste of the entire dish. My american chopsuey dosa on the other hand was loaded with nice big pieces of paneer. Being a paneer lover I think this dosa is absolutely worth the price! With noodles, julienne vegetables and paneer it is a good dosa to try. My mom had ordered paneer spring roll dosa which tasted very similar to my dosa and dad had opted for schezwan dosa which was spicy but really delicious. The three dosas that we tried were good. However were the sambar and the chutneys complimenting them? Not really sure about that.. I do hope they add some new chutneys with different dosas so that they bring out more flavor of the dish.They had layered spicy sauce on schezwan dosa that dip was fantastic and suited so well ..wish it was served on side too.

Overall, if you are a dosa lover, I am sure you are going to love this joint. There is alot of variety and I literally took more then ten minutes just to decide on which one to try. I reckon they should continue focusing on variety of dosas but also improvise on the chat menu. The prices for chat are a bit on higher side considering the quantity.

A special mention to our server, the gentleman was from Uttar Pradesh was very helpful & attentive. He was explaining the different kind of dosas and the filling that goes in them, also checked with us if we were in any need of refill on the sambar/chutneys.

Dosa Plaza gets a decent 3.5/5 on rating scale. They can do a lot better if they focus on the authentic dosas.




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