‘Pushing it up’ with Benefit Cosmetics Real Gel Eyeliner

Ever since I read about Benefit cosmetics ‘Real Push up liner’ I was super excited to try it! I feel lucky because I spotted their ad on Facebook where I had to sign up and visit Sephora,Dubai Mall to collect the sample prior official launch. I really love social media because you get details of so many things in advance like this amazing product that I discovered.

Benefit Cosmetics is known for having some of the best beauty products like the Tints, Pore-fessional, Hoola ultra plush gloss and many more. However their new Real Push-Up Liner is top of the line product for me and an absolute must have. Firstly it removes the whole pot and brush concept. The Real Push-Up Liner is a gel liner pen that bends with your lash line(That’s what you call Lash-hugging!). Generally Its takes fifteen to twenty minutes for me to apply that perfect eyeliner but with Real Push-Up Liner it was so easy that a swoosh and it was all done. The AcuFlex tip of the liner is flexible rubbery material that bends and makes it easier to apply the gel liner. Also as I mentioned it is Gel liner so there are no chances of it getting spread all around (unlike liquid liners)and make you look like a Panda! The gel is dispensed by gently clicking the pen and the flow stays in control without making a mess. Besides all the benefits explained the best part is that you can carry it even in a clutch! The pen shaped liner is a real life saver and a handy product to own. Need I say more girls? I am sure this product is going to be an absolute sell out when it hits the markets.

ImageSeriously longggggg stay!


The sample that I received from Sephora Stores

ImageAcuFlex tip making our lives easier (image courtesy of Google)

Note: Real Push-Up Liner will be available in all Sephora Stores across UAE from 1st July 2014.

Thanks for reading, for more information visit https://www.facebook.com/BenefitCosmeticsMiddleEast



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