Uplift your spirits with LUSH Handmade cosmetics

I am a die hard Lush Handmade Cosmetics fan!
Found their store first at Deira City Center- Dubai, two of the staff members were singing and dancing outside their store. Also their display was absolutely yummilicious! The colorful soap bars, innovative products, the wonderful fragrance ..everything attracted me to visit and find out about their offerings.

Ever since then I have been visiting their stores, my grandma is also addicted to the store now as she too believes in products created from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Recently my granny gifted me this really cute gift box from LUSH. Going through some rough patches, she felt the gift will ‘uplift’ my spirit. The gift box is aptly named as UPLIFTED 🙂

The box comes with the cutest wrapping, I just love their wrapping and the fact that a sticker on the box shows you whose team has hand wrapped the beauty for you. Gives that human touch and feels like someone wrapped it with a lot of love ❤

Box contains:

Whoosh: My niece and my favorite product! Its a wobbly Jelly like Soap made with Seaweed and fragrance of fresh grapefruit.

Happy Hippy: Shower gel made of grapefruit, smells divine and a favorite of my granny.

Happy Hippy Shower Gel

Ocean Salt:Cleansing lime, coconut and sea salt scrub, perfect to get that tropical feeling.

– Dirty Springwash Shower: Ahh.. that feeling of you taking a dip in the mount spring. Just heaven! 128-Dirty-Springwash-resized[1]

Rub Rub Rub: An awesome scrub. This beautiful salt  is harvested from the azure seawater by the shores of Spain. Scrub is created from same.


Bohemian: This product is great for oily skin, especially for person like me who has oily T- zone. Also great to lighten spots on the skin.


The Uplifted Gift Box costs AED275, can be purchased at any Lush stores or online via Lush.ae.

Uplifted-500x500My favorite Lush stores are located at Mercato and Deira City Center as I just love their staff there. If you want to uplift someone’s spirit? looking for an Eid gift for your loved ones? Birthday maybe or thank someone for being awesome..visit LUSH for gifts! You definitely won’t be disappointed.


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