Exploring the brand- Skin Cottage

On my recent trip to Ramadan Night Market at DWTC I picked up some skincare products at a great price. The products were from a brand known as Skin Cottage. Skin Cottage is a Malaysian product and is relatively new in the market.

I generally don’t like to experiment with brands that I am not aware of. However the reason why I bought from this new brand is because the lady at the counter was really sweet she dedicated so much time explaining me about the products and even gave me some samples to try. Out of all the products I particularly liked the Orange Peach essence body wash and scrub. The 400ML bottle cost me only aed 25 and the 200ML one costs aed 10. Pretty good for the price and I liked the fragrance as well. The product claims to moisturize the skin and it actually works. Great product and value for money!


They have good range of soaps, hand wash liquids, body lotions, body mists , shampoos and a lot of other skincare products. Skin Cottage does not have store in UAE but I have been told it is available online and in India as well. Waiting for them to open a store because they do have some good products to offer.


If you know where to find this brand in UAE, do let me know in comments section.



6 thoughts on “Exploring the brand- Skin Cottage

  1. I too am very particular about trying new skin care products but I have found many of the Malaysian products are really good. They use natural ingredients which are really great for our body.

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