Feeling like a Queen at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi!

I absolutely love visiting new hotels and exploring everything around it. Last week I got a chance to stay at the most beautiful Hotel- Emirates Palace.

I had always heard about it but never been here before so I was imagining it more to be like a Palace with traditional designs and maybe some history. Though none of it was true..I googled and checked that its construction was only for a luxurious seven star hotel. So no Palace really but the treatment is nothing less than that of a Royal. Fresh towels on entrance, friendly staff, Gold work on the dome from inside. Totally in love with the place. Its spacious and huge! Some areas are so confusing that I had to ask the staff there to escort me till my room. I was lost exploring the place. Another beautiful thing is the view at night. From the exclusive beach area Emirates Palace looks stunning!


During my stay I dined at Le Vendome which offered buffets costing at 250-300AED (with non alcoholic drinks) per person. Vast variety of food, right from quiches to Arabic mezzes to local catches and their desserts station was amazing!My server also informed me that the restaurant promotes a lot of local farmers produce and they are appreciated by diners for this initiative. Everything was perfect expect the fact that the amount of vegan dishes at buffet were very few.Otherwise Le Vendome is a better option for lunch and dinners because a brunch would cost somewhere around that much anyway.If you are looking to celebrate an occasion or want to impress that special someone I’d definitely suggest this place.

IMG_2320 IMG_2322

Overall,Emirates Palace is a place you must visit once. Its beautiful, its grand and its truely ROYAL! I took 413 pictures just in one day. Can’t share all here but sharing some of my favorites.


IMG_2324 IMG_2343




No pictures have been edited and are a personal property of PinkAsfoura Blog. If you wish to use any image, kindly contact me through email.


8 thoughts on “Feeling like a Queen at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi!

  1. Wow !! What an experience. Would really love to experience it myself somtime. Would be like a dream come true. Enjoyed viewing your pictures.

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