An Innovative Solution To Your Gifting Problems-

After my sister’s wedding we had to deal with a very funny situation. The gifts she received included four electric toasters, various dinner sets and so many other things she could make no use of. Clueless what to do with 4 toasters and 5 dinner sets͵ we had to pass them on to other people on their weddings.We all put in a lot of effort into choosing a gift for someone. But what if 4 more persons think alike and all conclude that the bride will make good use of a dinner set (5 sets rather) to serve guests. Having to store so many unused items is nevertheless a pain.

In such situations giving cash is the best option, as some people already do. But that’s not creative, is it? What else then? Could there be an option that gives the bride and groom the freedom to spend, yet isn’t essentially in the form of cash? The answer would be Yes.

A website called ‘’ has found a creative solution to this problem. They offer a ‘Wedding Gift Registry’ service to which you can contribute, no matter which country you are in. Wedding Money Registry is a very popular concept in the West and is now quickly being adopted in the Middle East as well. It is a different yet very practical idea of contributing towards a ‘Prepaid Visa gift card’ of certain value for the Bride & Groom. They have the freedom of purchasing anything with it – pay for their home furnishings, exotic getaways or use it for any transaction where visa cards are accepted. What’s more? Along with the contribution you can create your own personalized E-card with a message for the lovely bride & groom. (Totally using this service when I get married!) doesn’t only provide you with Wedding Money Registry service but also gifting solutions for various events we come across. So if you have a Birthday, Farewell, Congratulations or just want to pamper someone, you can instantly gift them with a gift card by paying for it online and sending the code to the receiver via SMS/email or even Facebook! The sender receives intimations when the gift card is delivered and also when the gift card is redeemed. Definitely a worry free, safe and easy method to make someone’s day brighter. 

I also love their group gifting feature! It allows you to create a contribution amount, choose a card (they have an awesome range of stores and even restaurant gift cards for those foodies out there!), send invite to those who wish to contribute and once the amount is collected you are ready to gift that card to your loved ones. This service is free and great for Birthdays, Housewarming, Baby showers and every event you can think of. Gone are those days when you had to wait for the contribution collections; now everyone can just pay online and you can manage the payment. The website provides gift card options for stores in UAE, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia; and the payment can be made through Visa/Master cards and even PayPal account.  

I am very impressed by the offering of this website. It is a quick, simple and creative solution to an everyday problem. Give a gift with love; give a gift that impresses the receiver(especially if its your boss receiving 😉 )

The beauty of this website is that there is a gifting solution for it a Tree hugger, a gadget geek, a makeup junkie to name a few. Do check out and share it with everyone you know. Give a hint to your loved ones, let them pamper you with a gift card & you can do the same for them in the most convenient manner. ❤


Did you have a look at the amazing range of gift cards this website offers? Which gift card did you prefer the most? Write to me in comments.


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