Movie Review – Chef (2014) A fresh and delicious journey!

 I am a die hard cinema lover and every weekend my way of relaxing is watching movies back to back. Not just any movies, I like watching movies which interest me. Its the story that matters the most to me. Sometimes even the most under rated movies make a good watch. One such example is School of Rock (2003) some may not have even watched it but its a clean, original, hilarious movie with some crazy performances.

Today I am reviewing one such movie. Its made passionately, the food photography is stunning and some shots would leave you drooling for more but is the story line worth a watch? Read further to know. 

Story starts with a passionate chef Carl Casper working for a famous restaurant in LA owned by Dustin Hoffman. Carl is all charged up to unleash his creative side and grab all the positive reviews but his controlling boss is getting on his nerves. The creative chef is left to decide his own fate. Besides his failure in career, Carl also realizes that he isn’t good at parenting & is a hopeless husband. Depressed and demotivated Carl finds himself in Miami where he teams up with his best buddy who also happens to be his ex colleague and his son to start up a food truck that sells the ultimate comfort food- Cuban Sandwiches. Does Carl’s food truck venture succeed? Does he improve his relationship with his son? You have to watch the movie for that. 

As mentioned previously, the Cinematography is just fantastic. Also I have to appreciate the efforts made by Jon Favreau (protagonist/ writer/director/producer) for playing the part so convincingly. He held the knives perfectly, the sauteing, the explanation of sauces and even something as simple as buttering a sandwich was made to look like art. Beside Jon Favreau, every actor has played their parts very well. There is this rich ex wife Sofia Vergara who is genuinely concerned about her ex husband, a son played by Emjay Anthony who just wants spend some time with his father, a friend who abuses you, laughs at you but at the end of the day he is all yours played by John Leguizamo. There are also some fantastic cameos by Dustin Hoffman, Scarlett Johansson and my love Robert Downey Jr. However one particular cameo which I found useless was Russel Peters. I don’t know whether Russel Peters grabs every role that he gets so that he can stay in the limelight or if he genuinely likes doing such roles. He is talented but maybe more suited for stand up comedy rather than acting in a movie. 

Apart from the cast, the soundtrack used in the movie is just so groovy! Love La Quimbumba & Mi Swing Es Tropical ❤

As the plot unfolds, the story gets a bit predictable.Its not a movie that inspires you, its not even something that rib tickling, its a movie focusing on passion of a person. Watch the movie for some great performances, the stellar food photography and the creative use of social media. The movie has a soul and I would rate it fresh! 

Ps: Don’t watch the it empty stomach, this movie will leave you hungryyy!


(Theatrical release poster) Image courtesy : Wikipedia 



8 thoughts on “Movie Review – Chef (2014) A fresh and delicious journey!

  1. I am not a movie lover but never miss a chance to watch a good movie. Hope to atch this one sometime soon because of your review.

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