Weekly Photo Challenge: My Little Adventure!

This week’s photo challenge on Daily Post is Adventure! Well I could have posted images of some exotic travels which anyone would do..but that’s just not me. I feel everyday is a new adventure.. and for this photo challenge I chose to showcase some images of the plants in my garden back home. I love visiting our garden with my little niece, I like to show her the beauty of nature.. 😀


These gorgeous climbers.. look how they twirl around forming perfect loose curls..

IMG_1624This little flower is just 2 cms in height..appearances are deceptive for this one. Its actually a dangerous garden weed and touching the plant can cause skin rashes which lasts for days.

IMG_2549A perfectly bloomed rose.

IMG_1725A pigeon feather on the plants.


Lastly these purple beauties, the color is so vibrant, it brightens up my day. ❤



12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: My Little Adventure!

  1. I totally agree with you. Life must be enjoyed and everyday is an adventure. What a positive thought !! Love your captures. I see these flowers practically everyday but your pictures give them a whole new perspective. Hope you will put up more.

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