5 Crazy DIY Beauty Remedies That Work!

There are beauty products/personal care products that can resolves skincare issues faster but most of them contain chemicals not necessarily harmful but you never know what causes you reactions. In such cases natural beauty remedies come to the rescue and they are totally safe to use. My grandmother has passed on these amazing DIY Beauty remedies that are very helpful for anyone. These remedies contain kitchen staples or ever something right from your refrigerator!

1) Mint & Parsley– These fresh herbs are a cheap alternative to glowing skin. Chop 2 sprigs of parsley and handful of mint leaves finely. Add these chopped herbs to a small bowl along with two teaspoon yogurt and mix well. Apply this mixture everyday for five days and see the difference. Folks with acne issues will love this remedy as it works well in reducing spots.

2) Garlic & Clarified butter– In a small pan, heat 3 tablespoon clarified butter (Ghee) and 3 cloves of garlic pricked with fork. As soon as the garlic starts getting brown, remove from heat and mash the garlic with the back of the fork. Apply this mixture on your feet to get rid of any dry, hard & cracked skin.

3) Salt & Vanilla extract– While there are many products to keep the lady parts clean, salt happens to be the safest of all. Fill the bathtub with warm water till it is good enough to immerse in, add 1 cup salt to it ,1 Teaspoon vanilla extract & let it dissolve. Get into the salt water bath and relax in it for 20 minutes. This will keep your lady parts clean and help you feel stress free.

4) Banana & Peaches – This is a very simple but my favorite remedy of all, It keeps your skin smooth and soft. Mash a banana and a peach together, apply on the face and leave for 15 minutes or until the mix dries off. Wash and see the difference in skin immediately!

5) Baking soda – Many say that using baking soda on skin is best for skin exfoliation. I disagree to that as I have personally tried it. Never worked for skin exfoliation but what it worked was for dandruff elimination. This one’s very simple.. 2 teaspoon baking soda & a small sachet of any normal type shampoo. Mix well and you will see that the baking soda is causing the mixture to rise. Apply on wet hair (make sure the scalp is covered with the mixture) and leave for 15 minutes. Try this twice a week for three weeks.

Hope you liked these beauty remedies, do try and feel free to comment with the results. ❤


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