Purely Pampering with Dove’s nourishing lotion

As I have previously informed, I have a terribly dry skin and very few products suit me well. However my sister has a normal type skin and she is the one who keeps purchasing different kinds of body lotions and I get to try them šŸ˜‰

So this week Piyu, my sister bought home Dove’s purely pampering nourishing lotion with Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla.

Packaging says ” Caring for your skin has never felt so good. Dove purely pampering lotion deeply nourishes and softens your skin thanks to its rich blend of nourishing cream with shea butter. Its comforting and creamy fragrance of warm vanilla leaves you feeling balanced. Turn your daily routine into a pampering treat”

The texture like any other lotion is white thickĀ cream which get absorbed in skin after gently massaged in.

Verdict: The shea butter fragrance is stronger and there is a slight sweetness of vanilla at the end. Tried on normal skin, the scent lasted for a while but skin stayed soft for a long while. On the other hand when I tried the lotion on my sensitive skin, the scent last for a while but softness wasn’t. Dove’s purely pampering lotionĀ more suited to those who has a normal skin type and not all skin types as it is mentioned on the packaging. For 17.50Aed (4.75$) ProductĀ purchased from Carrefour its a good one time try lotion bottle. Dove’s advertising is really commendable, no matter how the product is, they really know how to market it well.


Further information: Dove’s purely pampering lotion comes in three fragrant varieties namely Shea Butter & Vanilla, Sweet Almond & Hibiscus, Coconut & Jasmine. The entire range of lotions is available at all leading supermarkets/hypermarkets across UAE


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