Restaurant Review- Flippin Awesome Pizza!

Its been a while I have reviewed restaurants, I like writing about food its my favorite thing to do.

Today I am reviewing Flippin Pizza Ibn Battuta Branch, a pizzeria in a mall that is worth a visit. I have been to this pizzeria on several occasions and ordered delivery as well. It all started when one of my friend’s visited the place and tweeted to me a picture of a screen showing scenes of New York . For those who don’t know, I am obsessed with NY City ❤ ! Flippin pizza has a large TV screen which looks like a window, the live scenes are of people walking by on NY streets, giving you a feel that you are seated in their New York pizzeria. Love the idea, very innovative.

Anyways so I was decided to check out the awesome place and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed at all. The ambiance is very modern with wooden panels and comfy red seats. After you have placed the order, the server also places a complimentary basket of baby buns served with pizza sauce on your table. The buns were delicious, warm and fresh! I love this trend that is going on of placing bread basket for the diners, many restaurants are adopting it.

As I mentioned previously, I have tried Flippin pizza many times, most of which have been deliveries. Some dishes that you must try are:

Ricotta cheese Salad – the tang from the pomegranate goes so well with the soft and moist ricotta.

Chicken tenders- probably one of the most succulent and best in town.

Four cheese pizza- absolutely delightful dish, not only is it great for kids but adults will enjoy this tasty treat too!

Vegetarian Pizza- One of best tried for sure, lovely crust and generously topped.

Vegetarian the colors

Vegetarian the colors

Triboro pizza- I didn’t enjoy this one much but my friends do so here is the mention for it. I am not too much of a meat lover but those who do, will love this pizza.

Veggie Lasagne- YUM YUM YUM! Lip smacking, delicious and cheesy!


The base of the pizzas is very light, hand tossed and delicious.The menu mentions ‘Dough is made fresh daily with no added oil or sugar or no high fructose corn syrup’ gives one more reason to add pizza to your meal plan. 😉 Their largest 18′ pizza is good for upto four people. I couldn’t have more than two slices of the pizza. You can also request your pizza to be made in two different flavors (Eg: Brooklyn and Triboro)

The service is quick, time is stated when order is placed. A bit of disappointment when it comes to drinks as twice they arrived after the arrival of main courses. For delivery, it has been quick and within the stipulated time period (around 60 minutes).

I am very glad the restaurant owners take customer suggestions seriously. A while back, Flippin pizza did not have any regular sized pizzas. They served only 13′ and 18′ pizzas but after so many people including myself who requested ( on social media platforms) a smaller size of pizza, the same was introduced! Now only if they add a bit more varieties in pizza especially for the vegetarians, that would be great!

I wish Flippin pizza good luck with their new branch which has opened its doors this week on Jumeirah Beach Road. Can’t wait to check it out 🙂

Food: 4/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 5/5

Complimentary bread to tingle your taste buds 5/5 😉

A bit on pricier side, cost for two: 150-200AED.


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