Recipe- Crunchy & Chewy Cornflakes balls

When we were younger, my sister and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with various ingredients. Now that my little niece is growing up, she has started showing interest in making something too. I like to encourage children to learn something, create something new and be proud of their creation.

I taught my little princess a yummy treat called Crunchy & Chewy cornflakes balls. Recipe is mentioned below, requires no cooking/baking/chopping.

You need:

2 Bars of Snickers/Mars chocolate

2Tsp milk

2 cup Cornflakes (I used the Kelloggs Special K)


Leave the chocolate bars in room temperature for about an hour. Let them become soft, remove them from the packet and transfer into a bowl.

For the cornflakes mixture, take a sandwich bag and add the cornflakes to it. Seal it well and give it to your child to crush it lightly. Remove the slightly crushed mixture and transfer to the melted chocolate bowl. Add 2 tsp milk and mix in all together. You will start seeing the mixture holding up a shape. Press it into a tray or just shape them into small sized balls. Refrigerate for an hour and serve!

Little ones enjoy making this treat, its tasty too. There are many ways of making it, some are complicated too. However when your activity involves children, its always advisable to keep it simple.


A tasty treat for your little ones..


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