World Arthiritis Day- Free workshops by Middle East Arthritis Foundation

A year back one of my aunts started having pain in her knee joints. She thought its just a muscle pull and should be fine within a week. Days went by, months went by.. the pain still existed. It was more stronger and the knee got stiffer and swollen. Finally she decided to consult a doctor and was been informed that it is osteoathiritis.

Arthritis in layman language is a joint disorder that involves inflammation in one or more joints. There are around 100 forms of Arthritis but the most common one is osteoathiritis. Arthritis of most takes away the activeness of the person. Despite the medicines and the treatments, many a times the pain reduces but is still there for the patient.

If you know someone who is suffering from this disorder or if you are interested in learning more in detail about the measures one can take in preventing this disorder, tips & advice to manage this condition, visit workshops conducted on 10th and 11th October by the Middle East Arthritis Foundation.

The two day event schedule has been added below for your viewing. Address and contact details are available in the flier.  (source


3095_916107657Shall you wish to reserve a seat for any particular session, please contact on the numbers mentioned on the fliers.

Entry to the event is free and open to public. 


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