Vibrant & Sexy Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips

Real Nail Polish strips were introduced in market around two years back. With use of this product, one can easily achieve Salon like effects anytime.

The first time I discovered this product was when I was visiting a remote area in my home country for a destination wedding. My friends and I had no idea if we will be able to find a Salon there or even any professional beauty services. Now for weddings and important events its ideally advisable to either have a french manicure done or get a gel manicure done of a neutral color. While we had none of those options available to us but still wanted to rock the look with perfect nails. At that time I found Sally Hansen Real Nail Strips at one of beauty stores in UAE. Tried it and loved it! Took 3 designs along with me and they worked perfectly!

Every pack contains 16 nail polish strips, a cuticle stick, mini file and a buffer.

Application: Its very simple..just peel the plastic off the top coat and back. Apply on the nails and shape with the nail file. Can be removed with any nail polish remover.

Advantages: As I have mentioned before, it gives the salon look to your nails. Lasts for about two weeks and is easy to apply. It doesn’t require any drying, however for long lasting effect you can add a top clear coat.

Disadvantages: Once the pack is opened, you have got to finish the strips else they dry off on the plastic itself.

There are about 40 shades for Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips. My favorite shade is 320 Kitty Kitty.

A neutral shade matching my outfits

A neutral shade matching my outfits


My favorite Shade. Image Courtesy Official Sally Hansen website


All the available shades, image courtesy Sally Hansen official website.

Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips are available at all stores selling Sally Hansen products. I got mine from Waitrose Dubai Mall recently. 


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