Treat For Animal Lovers This weekend- Dubai Pet Festival

Very rarely do such awesome events happen in UAE where you get to enjoy with your family. I am very excited to pay a visit to Dubai Pet Festival happening this weekend.

I love animals and back home have helped my grandmother with raising pets like rabbits, ducks, cats, dogs, parrot, cow, sparrows and turtles. Animals understand their owners, they are loyal & loving creations of Lord.Pets are a blessing, they help many to overcome depression. If you are one of those who are bored of your national weekend sport a.k.a Shopping, I’d suggest to head down to this event along with your family,it is entertaining and educational.

Check out the poster for the event details. Entrance FREE for pets and pet owners.

**To enter the festival, pet’s owners must provide proof of vaccinations, and dogs will go through behavioral assessment where they will be categorized with three ribbon colors.



This pup was so cute..I had to post it.

Visit for more information on location and event details.

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