Bold and Intense Gel Liner from TheFaceshop

I am grateful to TheFaceshop UAE for giving me an opportunity to try some products of my choice. I have always been a fan of TheFaceshop quick masks but had not tried their makeup products range. This time around when I got a chance to try out their products, I chose ‘FaceIt Styling AUTOGEL Liner’.

FaceIt Styling AUTOGEL Liner is a liner but not in a pot but instead is a pen.


Self Explanatory Image on the pack


  • A soft gel liner, which is different from the previous inconvenient ones, is packed in a pencil form for smooth coloring even by first time user.
  • Clear coloring and water-proof functions of smudge free eyeliner! A dark black eyeliner, clearly defined as if drawn with creamy gel liner, highlights the eyes, while the water-proof function resists water and perspiration to control smudging for clean make-up for extended time.
  • A super-easy pencil type that does not need pencil sharpener. An auto-pencil type does not require sharpening as it can be twisted up when needed.

The Product – What a sleek pencil!

The description excited me to try out the product and the results are wonderful!

Though the FaceIt Styling AUTOGEL Liner is not as smooth as some other gel liners that have been recently introduced but at the same time it is very easy to use. The pencil is smooth and the color is very intense. I like the fact that there is a sharpener attached with the pencil which makes it easy to shape the tip of the pencil. The product does not smudge..there is a different liner available at TheFaceshop which comes with a brush. You can use that one for smoky eyes but I prefer the non smudge one which is why I chose FaceIt Styling AUTOGEL Liner.

This product is great for people who are starters and don’t know how to angle a brush for that perfect liner effect. Its much much better than the pot liners which consume a lot of time. The liner pencil lasts longer and is waterproof.

Would I purchase this product again?

Yes, Absolutely!Especially for my sister who is always no make-up types and runs away from the pot liners. No harm in carrying this pencil in your bag/clutch. I’d really love to see this product in different colors.


The sharpening tool that is attached at the end.. So easy!

FaceIt Styling AUTOGEL Liner is available at all TheFaceshop Stores in UAE. It is priced at AED 55 (14.95$). Available in two colors- Black and Brown. 

For more information interact with TheFaceshop Team on their- Facebook page 

Thumbs up for the two ladies at Al Ghurair Center branch for being so informative and helpful.


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