The Aggressive & Tricky Sales Call By Etisalat

Usually I refrain from being rude to tele-callers who call for pitching some products/services but today was different. I was in middle of a meeting when I got a call from 04 3119444 for inquiry in regards to my Etisalat Internet package.

The lady who contacted me first asked me the name of the account holder and started inquiring of where is the person who has registered for the package. I was polite and informed her that it isn’t the appropriate time to speak and that she should contact later. Despite my request she continued the call and informed me that my area has now some opti-fibre wiring and that I am required to upgrade my current internet package to a higher one which costs double of what I am paying right now. I asked her is it necessary to upgrade because I don’t have much of use and that the basic package is perfect for me. When she realized I am asking too many questions and am getting louder, she disconnected quickly. When I called back the message I get is ‘this number is not available now’.

I didn’t know what to do.. and kept thinking if they are going to upgrade without my consent. Then it struck me that I should contact Etisalat customer care (101) for inquiry. I checked with them and the customer care representative (Mr. Yashwant) informed me that it is my choice to upgrade or to stay with the existing connection. I did highlight him that the sales lady was very aggressive and that they should file a complain. At first the representative had no clue of what to say and when I started insisting him to confirm whether the number genuinely belongs to Etisalat office he kept me on hold. He took the details from me and informed that he has no idea of whether this number belongs to Etisalat office or no. He also mentioned that it could be a sales call from Etisalat office but he wont have any record of the same.I checked online and it turns out the number does belong to Etisalat.

It is very upsetting to know that such a reputed organisation has such a pathetic customer service and aggressive sales staff that leaves customer with no choice but to agree to them.

I am just thinking of those people who would have become victim of such scammy sales calls. It is always advisable to cross check with the service provider prior confirming any information to any such calls.

My purpose of mentioning this on my blog is not to degrade a reputed organisation but to make people aware of the tricky sales pitch that is applied to con customers. Please do share with everyone you know and keep yourself well informed.

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