Product Review – The FaceShop Royal Garden Secret Bloom All Over Perfume Mist

Who said coffee breaks are not productive? I love taking breaks because that’s how you get to know people. Coffee time is great way to bond with subordinates and get to know them better. One such lovely morning I met a colleague of mine whom I didn’t know much. I was always curious of what fragrance she used on her hair. I thought its some high end, super expensive product that definitely I will not be able to afford but I made an attempt to ask. To my surprise she answered with this wonderful product The FaceShop All Over Perfume Mist. Ever since then I was excited & fascinated to try out this product..thanks to TheFaceShop UAE I finally got my hands on it. 🙂


-A new concept, perfume all over mist that can be used for multi-purposes not only on body& hair but also on fabric like clothes and bags.

– An odor eliminator product (deodorant ) plus fragrance that gets rid of unpleasant odors.

-Comes in a cute container and has an aroma therapy effects from flower extract.

Product contains: Rose Canna Flower extract, Jasmine flower extract, Gardenia Tahteness extract & castor oil.

Lets have a look at the product..


My review:

I love the floral fragrance, its exciting & fresh which is something that attracted me at the first place. Though the product has jasmine flower extract, its not too strong and perfectly sweet. I use it majorly on my hair, it smells fantastic!

Also what I love is the the bottle itself, as it is plastic one. Whats more is that you can use this fragrance on your body, hair, clothes & even shoes!

Coming to the price.. this product will only set you back by a few dirhams. Priced reasonably, this product costs aed 55.

Would I repurchase this product?

Yes! I fell in love with the fragrance when I first tried it . The plastic bottle is perfect to be carried in your handbag. Only minus point about the product is that it doesn’t last for more than four hours but that doesn’t matter because it smells so amazing!

Product has been purchased from Al Ghurair store where two lovely ladies helped me with the product details.

All Over Perfume Mist 120ml is available in two fragrances- Baby Musk and Secret bloom.


2 thoughts on “Product Review – The FaceShop Royal Garden Secret Bloom All Over Perfume Mist

  1. Lovely review!. I hadn’t heard of this product from anyone else. Definitely will try it out next time I go to TFS. Btw, at first I thought it’s a glass bottle!..

    • Thank you darling.
      I didn’t know about it either but heard about it from my colleague. I just love the fragrance..easily one of my favorites this year.
      The bottle is cool and easy to carry. Its not one of those crush-able plastic ones but its sturdy and handy. Fits well in the handbag..

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