Top 5 Must Watch Bollywood Movies of 2014!

As the year ends, a new one begins. Last year was not that great for Bollywood movies. I am not saying in terms of business but the quality of writing, scripting, many weak movies that emerged as box office winners. Numbers aren’t everything, at the end of the day cinema is a form of art. Art is all about being passionate, seeing things with a different perspective and projecting it on screen.

My Top 5 movies are personal favorites & have absolutely nothing to do with the box office numbers. Along with movies I have added short descriptions.

1. Queen-This coming of age movie is a story of a small town girl who takes a challenge to explore the world and be independent. Watch movie for the performances and fun.

2. PK.– This movie is surrounded by controversies as it narrates about different religions. For a change a handsome alien has landed in India and not U.S which is otherwise known as land of Sci Fi movies. This fictional movie takes the viewers to a journey and has a strong message at the end. Though the CGI effects are weak, the movie is worth a watch.

3. Highway– A rich girl gets abducted on the eve of her wedding day. She forms a special bond with the kidnapper. Watch this movie for performances by Alia Bhat and Randeep Hooda.

4. Ankhon Dekhi– This movie might have not released at a larger scale but it talks about a man and how an incident changes his life. Post the dramatic incident, the protagonist only believes in what he sees physically. Brilliantly written by Rajat Kapoor and fantastic acting by Sanjay Mishra.

5. Ugly– Always been a fan of Ronit Roy’s acting and will be. Even if the movie is a small budget one such as Udaan, his acting is always fantastic! Ugly is a story about corruption and violence that happens when a 10 year old daughter of an aspiring actor is kidnapped. Watch for performances and the narration of the movie.

Can’t just leave at five movies…Some movies that a worth a mention are-  Haider, Maardani, Dedh Ishqiya, Hawaa Hawaai & The Lunchbox.


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