A Perfect Place To Hangout- Tim Hortons

UAE residents are enjoying the breezy and cold winter. Wishing the rains were here but no complains as its chilly and amazing weather to hang out with friends. One such chilly evening I happen to visit Tim Hortons SZR branch to meet an old friend. I had tried Tim Hortons previously but wasn’t that convinced to return back as at that time their service had issues. I am talking about when Tim Hortons was launched in Dubai..somewhere in 2011 I guess. Didn’t try the place after that until I was invited recently.

Things have changed now.. the service has improved tremendously and so has the food. With larger variety and better quality Tim Hortons has succeeded in gaining audience in UAE. On my last visit, I got addicted to their gourmet hot chocolate! Perfectly steaming yet delightful cup in chilly weather..I had to have two of them. Also their wraps are fantastic, I tried the vegetable wrap that comes with a spicy potato patty, mayonnaise, onion and shredded lettuce wrapped in thin, crispy roti like bread. For AED8 the wrap is a snack that is spot on and value for money. Also the chicken wrap was good enough but a bit bland in taste for me. The timbits were the usual thing that I order, they are soft, not too sweet and a perfect little treat for everyone. We also ordered Kettle chips which were served hot and were deliciously crispy! My concerns were with the maple glaze doughnut, it was overly sweet and was over powering the taste of everything else that I was having. However the doughnuts were fresh and minus the glaze I might have had more of it. I am hoping that Tim Hortons introduces some new and improved flavors of doughnuts and bagels. I ‘d love to give them a try too.

vegetable wrap

              Warm, spicy and delicious vegetable wrap


                 Delicious little treats

Overall the ambiance is relaxing and fun. The must haves from the menu are the vegetable wrap and the gourmet hot chocolate. The service is quick and the food served was hot. I enjoyed my visit to this place. I am already imagining myself sitting in the cafe reading a nice book and sipping that gourmet hot chocolate.. 😉

Cost for two: AED 80


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