Exploring The Lanes Of Old Dubai

Dubai is not all about fancy cars, huge towers and gold. There is a lot more to explore than the malls here.. One such place to visit is Old Souk. If you are a tourist, this place should be the first one your must visit places list. The beauty of the Souk is that nothing has been changed in years. All small scale traders sell traditional clothing,local handicrafts, spices, and souvenirs. My friends who are visiting here from UK loved the place. A trader taught one of them to tie a Gutra (Traditional Arab headgear). Of course he had to purchase it because the trader was so enthusiastically and passionately explaining the culture of UAE and the traditional clothing here. The fragrance of the Arabic Oud and the spices is a bit overwhelming but wonderfully warm.

The place faces creek side and the windy weather just makes the atmosphere more beautiful. At the end of the market you will find entrance to the Abra. Abras are wooden motor boats which can accommodate upto 25 people. The Abra costs at just AED1 (27 cents) and a great way to travel from Bur Dubai to Deira.


Some of lovely spices , herbs and dry flowers


Bright and bold glass lights


Handmade glass art

Hope you enjoyed the little trip through my photos.. ❤

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