Bathe In Gold (Literally!) with Lush

Hello everyone! Sorry for few posts this month.. I have been really occupied with an office project and travel. When I do get time to relax, I try to spend it offline.. with my family, friends and some alone time to pamper myself.

The best way to relax is to have a nice, warm bath..but bath in gold? Can you? Is it possible? Yes it is..

Sunnyside Bubble bath is exactly what you need to feel like a queen. The beautiful bar creates shimmery golden ripples in the water and is wonderfully scented with tangerine oil. The citrusy and mellow scented bar is perfect for those nights where you don’t have anything else to do. Now I only need a glass of wine to relax with it. ❤

As Lush Handmade cosmetics doesn’t use any harmful chemicals in their products, it is safe to use on hair and body.

Verdict: Sunnyside Bar is perfect for time when you are not getting any sleep. The tangerine oil helps you relax and makes you feel better. Also the product contains lemon oil that lightens the skin tone naturally. If you are worried about the mess, this product isn’t messy at all. It doesn’t crumble easily, the outer layer that contains the glitter doesn’t stick to the body either.

Storing is easy too. You can store the bar in a soap box and the same will last for 3-4 bubble baths.

Tip: Inviting your better half to have a relaxed bath with you? Melt Sunnyside Bubble bar in warm water until it creates shimmery golden swirls and throw in some rose petals.. you’ve been sorted now! Enjoy 😉


To watch the making of this shimmery bar – Click here 

Product is currently out of stock at Lush UAE. My sister bought this from UK for me.

Video Source: Official Lush Youtube Channel


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