Restaurant Review- Dollops Of Butter at Kulcha King

I have been a big fan of Kulcha King, Bur Dubai branch in particular. The reason why I like this branch is because they deliver quick and I love the Kulchas (Naan type flaky bread) here. My friends and I have dined on several occasions at the Nihal Hotel branch(Deira) but I really find the service there very slow and also the place is quite stuffy.


Love the unique placemats

So recently I visited the place I have been ordering those delicious Kulchas from- The Bur Dubai Branch. It is the smallest one with five to six tables only. Also there is only one serving staff seen even on busier times. However the service was not at all slow(at the beginning). Everything we ordered was sent out on time, infact earlier then expected!


Delicious warm food ❤

My order consisted of cheese kulcha, aloo kulcha, Paneer kulcha, bhindi masala and Paneer tikka masala with accompaniments and drinks. We got our order served within fifteen minutes which was fantastic. I am particularly fascinated by their cheese kulcha. Its rich, flaky and buttery served with Chole Masala and a sweet spicy sauce which becomes the perfect accompaniment to the dish. I think they used tea in the cooking of the chole dish as they were darker in color but maintained the great authentic taste of Punjab. When we think of Indian food, first thing that strikes us is spices. In Kulcha King, the spices are used to enhance the flavor and create a wonderful combinations. The food is not spicy, its not heavy and is presented well.

cheese kulcha

I dream of this.. Cheese Kulchas.


Paneer Kulchas and Chole dish

Though I did not try the carrot halwa on my last visit but I have tried that one few weeks back. For desserts, carrot halwa is a must have. Its warm, sweet, melt in your mouth dish that will break your diets! The experience was enjoyable except the service glitch. I hate ordering breads (rotis) especially tandoori ones in advance because once they cool down, they are chewy and difficult to bite. In midst of my meal, I ordered some extra breads and those took a very long time to arrive. I could see the server struggling with orders as all the tables were filled and everyone was waiting for their dishes to arrive. Besides the service and ambiance, everything is great with the Bur Dubai Branch. I think I will stick to ordering take outs from this branch rather than dine in. They serve some great variety of authentic Punjabi food which is lipsmackingly delicious! Rarely do you find a place that serves good food and the prices are a bargain. Kulcha King is one of those rare finds. Try it if you haven’t but as suggested, take-aways/ home deliveries are a better suited for this branch. Rating: Food 4/5 Service 3.5/5 Ambiance 3.5/5 (Extra half point for neat appearance ) Cost: AED100-150 for three Extra comments: – Inform the staff beforehand if you are on diet, you might want to avoid the dollops of butter on the kulchas and breads. – Order extra crispy cheese kulcha and you are not going to regret it! – No matter what you do, the staff will stick to conversing in English so even if you are saying ‘ No makhan’ do repeat that in English so its clear. – Bur Dubai Branch is closed from 4pm-7pm daily.

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