Photography Theme of the Week – Beauty Of Spring : Fresh!

I love the theme this week for Daily Photo Challenge.

I really wanted to add something floral this week but I guess that would be so repetitive because in past I have added many flowers, plants etc. So this week I decided to add an image of something we use in every spring season – Freshly plucked peas from the pods..

Just look at these beautiful green pearls of nature. They are gorgeous! Not that they aren’t available otherwise in Dubai but during spring season the quality is just perfect.


Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts. Also do browse through photography section on my blog for more images.

Image shot from Iphone 6+


6 thoughts on “Photography Theme of the Week – Beauty Of Spring : Fresh!

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  2. Very nice picture. I really appreciate your work. I am really very thankful to you for giving us such an amazing information to us. I am always very keen to know about this and you guys helps me a lot. Thank you so much.

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