Party in a pot! – Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Yes you read that right.. its a shower jelly!

Its wobbly, its smells fantastic and it is super fun to use. As Lush staff told me, this product is a party in a pot. Spotted this product at Lush Dubal Mall, I instantly fell in love with it. Asked the staff there if I could try it out prior purchase and they were happy to help me with it. Plop! the jelly landed on my hand and rest is history..

I was sold when I read the description ” If a bar of soap and a bottle of shower gel had a steamy affair, this would be the resulting jelly baby”


Excerpts from official Lush website:

“This is a sweet, sweet little cutie-pie. We start this jelly by making an infusion with cherries and coconut, we then add carrageen seaweed and boil it up until it turns all jelly and wobbly on us. Then we have to get it into the mould quickly, before it sets in the pan! ” 


What I like about sweetie pie shower gel?

The sweet fragrance

The wobbliness is super cute and fun not only for kids but adults too.

Its sparkly. The glitter doesn’t exactly stick to the body but sort of makes it look like light shimmer has been dusted.

It retains moisture on the skin leaving it supple for a long while.

Vegan product and free of any harmful chemicals.

What I didn’t like about the product?

Jelly is a bit too delicate. I have long nails and while using Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly I crumbled a bit accidentally. You cant put the crumbled bits back on the jelly.

The product contains coconut too, however I couldn’t get fragrance of any.

Final verdict

Will I repurchase it? I will purchase this again because its cute and the idea of wobbly jelly is fascinating to me. It suits my skin type (sensitive) and leaves it soft for a long while. It is one of my favorite from Lush handmade cosmetics.

Product was purchased from Lush Dubai Mall for AED 43 (100gm pot) 

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