Restaurant Review- The Budget Friendly, Roti Roll Express!

Recently one of my colleague’s started praising about this new restaurant she had discovered in her area. So when I was visiting her place, she decided to treat me with a dinner from her ‘new personal favorite’ Roti Roll Express.

I generally stick to light dinners but this time we both were so hungry that we ordered a full fledged dinner. Our order consisted of two main course combos & a biryani as well.

We ordered vegetable biryani, Malai kofta/Naan combo and Paneer Tikka Masala/Naan combo and some soft drinks.


The biryani has definitely risen above all!

The good thing about this restaurant is that the curries come in combo. So if you are ordering a curry, you can opt for a naan/roti/rice which comes at no extra cost. Delivery of the order was done on committed time.

Lets talk about the food now, the malai koftas were absolutely lip-smacking and one of few dishes that surpass flavors of even some of high end restaurants. The gravy was rich and had a light sweetness that brought out the flavors of cream (malai). However the koftas were too small in comparison but went well with the gravy it came in. The paneer tikka masala was spicy as we had ordered but not that exciting. It was just about average in taste with good amount of paneer pieces. We had ordered naans alongside the mains which were bland. I mean no salt at all in the naans were kind of put off for me. Same issue was with the paneer tikka masala as well. I am someone who doesn’t have too much salt and my family complains that I don’t add salt as per their liking. So you can imagine if a low salt consumer is saying low the content of salt would have been in the dish. Anyways all this aside I was only focused on the hearty portion of biryani that came. Smell check, look check, taste super check! This biryani ticked all the boxes for me. The taste is unique, they add pomegranate pearls in the biryani that add sweetness and cuts the spiciness of the dish. So does the hidden cottage cheese cubes and the cashews. The portion was too big for both of us and small on price! The biryani is packed with fresh vegetables and is served with cooling yogurt sauce known as raita that was refreshing and simple.


Malai Kofta Curry

Overall, I’d say this restaurant is really good for those who look at the quantity and quality of food. All portions are good for sharing and that biryani is just so YUM! Definitely visiting again to try their wraps and chicken biryani that I have heard is equally good. Only downside was the salt and the fact that there was NO cutlery in the delivery order. Hope the same is sorted next time around.

The funny one liner on the biryani pack was just something that defines my dream lifestyle. 😉

Overall Rating: 3.8/5

Cost for Two: 50-60aed

Roti Roll Express is located in Ansar Gallery Mezzanine Level, Al Karama, Dubai

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