Skin Care Product Review – Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Sunscreen lotion

This is a perfect time to test out sunscreen lotions that suit your skin. Its just the beginning of summer and as you know it gets awfully humid and hot by May. Which is why finding your perfect sunscreen lotion is very important. Even if someone is exposed to the Sun for a shorter while, the rays cause harm to the skin and result in excessive dryness, aging and break outs. In such scenario the most simple solution is to prepare and product yourself beforehand.

For preparation, one needs to know what best suits their skin, There are a lot of SPF lotions available in the market but most of them don’t turn out as expected. I recently purchased a brand that made my skin greasy and caused irritation that lasted an entire day. Also there was one of SPF lotions that tanned me instead of saving my skin. However these experiences don’t deter me from testing until I find something that is just perfect. Today I am reviewing Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Sunscreen lotion. Read to know whether this could be on your summer must haves list.


I was recently introduced to Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Sunscreen lotion, also was assured that this product unlike other SPF lotions is lighter and better.Questions that I had.. will it suit my dry and sensitive skin? Will it be greasy and sticky? Will it moisturize my skin? When I finally got my hands on Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Sunscreen lotion I set to try it out. Applied it in morning before my 30 minute walk. The lotion is so light and non greasy I loved the texture. Also there was no excessive sweating caused due to the lotion. My skin stayed soft and hydrated throughout. After that I have been using the lotion for past two days and I have to say this is the best SPF lotion I have ever tried.

Many may argue that the SPF needs to be higher as the temperatures rise in UAE at an unbearable level. As Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Sunscreen lotion is 100% organic, the maximum it can go upto is 40. It can be used by anyone right from children to elders. Also the lotion has healing qualities for minor burns and rashes caused due to heat. Its a great product for those like me who have a very sensitive skin and cannot stand high percentage of chemicals in their creams.



Spring Water, Coco Palm Wax, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Glycerrhiza, Rosemary Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Avocado, Wheat Germ Oil, Indian Madder, Liquorice, Lactic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Natural Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol

Definitely stocking up this product, Its handy and easy to carry around in my handbag. It is the best skincare investment you can make this summer!

Herbline Essentials Sun Screen SPF 40, 120ML retails for AED 109 at pharmacies across the UAE and Kuwait, you can also order online as worldwide shipping is offered. Visit Herbline Essentials to order yours and read more about theirs products. 


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