Save Your Hair This Summer With SACHAJUAN

Living in the blazing heat of the desert means you really need to think about protecting your hair from the sun as much as you think about protecting your skin. Not only that, colour, keratin and straighteners all make hair react five times faster to UV exposure. So dryness, dullness and brassiness can happen easily over a summer beach weekend.

Thankfully, protecting your locks has been made simple this summer, with this dream trio from best selling Swedish hair care brand SACHAJUAN.

sach1   * SACHAJUAN Hair in the Sun (AED 120)

Your hair may not burn in the heat of the sun, but that doesn’t mean it comes away unscathed. This serum serves as a sunblock for your coif, using a UV filter to shield your hair (and any artificial colour) from sun- drenched devastation. With a waterproof formula, and just a touch of hold, this hardworking treatment is a savvy addition to any summer go-bag.

This serum’s secret weapon is UVQ: A topical sun protectant that prevents the dry, brittle texture that can result from a day outdoors. SACHAJUAN’s unique Ocean Silk Technology — a blend of nutrients sourced from marine algae, maintains long-term health and a sleek, subtle shine. The product also doubles as a light-hold cream, so you can even substitute it in for your daily styler. What’s more, its formula is completely water-resistant, and will remain effective through sweat and surf.

sach2* SACHAJUAN Hair After the Sun (AED 120)

From sandy shores to desert trails, nothing wears us out like a day of sun-soaked revelry. And the same can be said for your hair. This reparative treatment was specially made to counter UV exposure, using a megawatt dose of nutrients to calm frizzy strands and restore much-needed moisture. After all, the perfect summer day shouldn’t have to come with consequences.

This high-powered formula taps a blend of proteins and minerals to heal, hydrate, and sooth sunbaked hair, reversing the effects of heat and UV rays. Marine algae extracts promote strength and elasticity, while emollients like castor oil provide an infusion of moisture. Thanks to its nourishing formula, this product can serve as an anytime remedy for dry, frizzy, or brittle locks.

sach3* SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume (AED 300)

SACHAJUAN have created a beautiful multi-tasking hair reviver that not only instantly freshens with a mist of the signature SACHAJUAN fine fragrance used in all their haircare products, but also treats the hair by moisturising, reducing static, imparting shine and adding UV-Protection. The fragrance is a sophisticated fruity floral, classically constructed with top notes of litchi and green apple, a heart of peach, rose and ylang ylang and base notes including patchouli, cedar wood and white musk.

This multi-tasking product not only counteracts free radical damage, but also incorporates the latest in anti- odour technology using an extract from natural citrus oils that encapsulates odour molecules and breaks them down for completely refreshed hair. This beautiful Protective Hair Perfume is specifically designed for use on the hair but is so gentle you can even use it as a refreshing body mist.

SACHAJUAN products are available from Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols. For more information please visit

Text & Image source: official press release


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