On Reviewing Desk- Dabur Herbolene

A few days back I made the worst decision of trying out a new salon for my beauty fix. The staff was inexperienced and had no idea of how to work with skin delicately. The waxing on my legs was done so painfully that it developed rashes and made my legs look like got a first degree burn (Filed a consumer complaint against the Salon for this). I was really upset with the whole episode and was clueless of what to do about it. Before I could book an appointment with the dermatologist, my granny suggested that I try Dabur’s Herbolene and see if it brings any difference to the situation.

Headed out to the nearest drugstore and got myself a 115ml jar to try out. It cost me only 5.95AED (2.5$) and the jar is pretty handy and comes with clear instructions of usage. The packaging is very similar to another famous petroleum jelly company but the texture is way better than the former. There is a very mild fragrance that the product has and is pretty easy to apply. I applied it twice in a day in hope that it will heal my rashes.

Day one: No difference..I know that these rashes and burning sensation wont disappear in a jiffy and that this was just a product and not a magic potion that would heal upon applying but still I just wanted to get rid of those horrendous rashes!

Day two: Situation got a bit better, I woke up to see that the burning sensation has reduced massively *I did a little cheer dance* now only to get rid of the red rashes.

In just two more days I had got rid of those rashes and the burning sensation on my legs. I was ecstatic to see the difference and now will be stocking this up to repair my sensitive skin.

The product works well as a makeup remover, even the toughest of eyeliners get wiped off. It also heals cracked heels, chapped lips, sunburns and nappy rashes.

Dabur’s Herbolene perfectly moisturizes and gives a subtle glow to the skin. Just a teaspoon is sufficient to cover large area. I’d definitely recommend this product to everyone. Dabur is a trusted brand that has been used by many, there are no fuss no frills.. some of you might have not even heard of the brand because they don’t advertise much. Then again advertising is needed for products that are either new or are not selling, clearly Dabur is none of those.

Note: In case you have excessive sensitive skin or suffering from any skin issues such as eczema, please seek doctor’s advice prior application of any skincare products. 

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