The Art Of Giving..

For the past few weeks I have really been busy collecting, sorting & sending care packages for Nepal earthquake survivors. Due to the same I haven’t been able to concentrate on my blog but that’s okay I guess. At such times of need who will help if we the masses don’t come forward.

Anyways my reason for writing this post is because I am really upset with the way people treat the whole donation situation. On one hand there were some fantastic people who came forward and helped as much as they could not just by donating money but also in arranging people who would carry the packages and on other there were those who gave old worn out clothes/toys and books for donation. If something is in good condition it is not an issue to send to the needy but when something is torn/worn out or in mint condition, how can one even give away? We are sending hope to the people in need and not help. Just imagine how happy someone would be to receive clean clothing and basic food items.

I urge everyone to donate but sensibly and not to see it as an opportunity to dump your clutter on someone else. There are still many drives going on for the survivors, please contact Nepal Embassy and find more information on the relief funds and active donation drives.

Click here for the list of items required and contact details for concerned. 

Spread happiness, love, joy and don’t forget to follow the art of donating sensibly.

M ❤


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