Keep Your Hair Color ‘WOW’

We’ve all been there: One day your colour is fine and the next, you’re standing under fluorescent lighting and practically sprinting to the salon to get your roots retouched. Well, prepare to be “WOW’D” with the next big advancement in hair care from renowned beauty innovator, Gail Federici and internationally acclaimed hairdresser, John Frieda. Widely known for her ability to defy conventional thinking, Federici introduces Color WOW, a game‐changing collection of hair care products that are poised to revolutionise the hair care industry.

Color WOW harnesses the power of cutting‐edge technologies to deliver perfect colour 365 days a year. For the more than 75% of women who colour their hair, Color WOW provides a comprehensive, at‐home solution to unsightly roots, fading, brassiness and more.

After three years of development, the brand’s hero product has been perfected; Root Cover Up, which acts like a colourist in a compact. This revolutionary formula, available in six versatile shades, seamlessly covers grey roots on coloured hair. But the blonde shade boasts one of the most extraordinary features, in that it even covers dark re‐growth in lightened and highlighted hair to restore highlights. Never before has dark re‐growth been ‘lightened’ without peroxide.

The Root Cover Up is a professional mineral powder with a unique non‐waxy formula that stays in place, creates multi‐dimensional shine and looks completely natural. Each shade contains a number of colours and pigments to ensure natural blending with the tones in your own hair. Because of its extreme portability and ease of use, it’s ideal for travel and last minute, on‐the‐go fixes. And because it is free of dyes, the Root Cover Up is every pregnant woman’s solution to the dilemma of avoiding hair colour during pregnancy.


How to use it? 

Stroke a thin layer of powder along the roots, and very cool things start happening on a microscopic level. That’s because the powder is made up of tiny double-ended zinc particles that have a positive charge on one end. These obedient little molecules line up along each strand like magnets, attaching themselves to the negative charge on the hair. At the other end, the particle holds mineral pigment powder. In super simple terms: the particles are essentially forming a tiny bridge linking the pigment powder to your hair. The only thing that can break this bridge are the surfactants (cleansers) in shampoo.

Where to get it?

Color WOW products are currently available from Sisters Beauty Lounge, Beauty by Edge, Imar Spa, The White Room, Jam, Blo Dry Bar DXB, Sharjah Ladies Club and Marquee Salon. Color Wow is also set to launch in House of Fraser this month. Root Cover Up is priced at 210 AED. For more information please visit

Image and Text Source: Official Press Release


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