Reviewing Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask

I had previously tried Rahua (ra-wa) shampoo and conditioner on my hair and the results were just fab! Even though the shampoo didn’t work that much on me, I was really impressed with the conditioner and by far one of the best I have tried till date. So when I was given some samples of the Rahua Omega 9 hair mask, I had really high expectations from it.

Basically hair masks are needed to rejuvenate and repair your hair. Like our skin, our hair need a lot of care. Ignoring haircare worst mistake one can make. Especially when its summer, one needs to take complete care of hair and ensure that the heat doesn’t affect the hair which may result in premature graying and hair loss.

Coming to Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask, the application is easy. After applying shampoo, rinse and apply the Rahua hair mask from roots to ends. Leave it in for atleast 20 minutes ( even though the pack says 15 minutes, I’d like to leave it a bit longer). Rinse after completion of twenty minutes and style as you like! The website advises using the product once every week to see the difference.

Good thing about this hair mask is that its not too oily and is perfectly balanced. This all natural product contains omega 9 molecules that repair the damaged hair from inside and give a healthy look on the outside. My hair were dreamy smooth and were easy to manage. The effect stays for more than a week (alternate day hair wash) I am loving me hair!

A bit pricey at AED395 but worth the cost because when I get this done at a salon, it costs me anywhere between AED200-250. Rather than that I would prefer doing it at my own time and pleasure..

Product is available at Plathora Hair lab JLT and Harvey Nichols Mall of Emirates.


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