MedColl – The ‘IT’ anti-aging supplement

We all know the old adage, ‘beauty comes from the inside’… Well, it turns out that beauty is an inside job after all!

Our skin is a close reflection of the interactions, reactions and processes that take place in the 37.2 trillion cells in our body. These cells are impacted to a great extent by how we take care of ourselves: from the food and nutrients we consume, the water and liquids we drink, to how active we are. This is where our beauty comes from – healthy nails, lustrous hair, sparkling eyes, and glowing, youthful skin.

If you think to yourself that this is a lot of work or takes discipline, you’re mistaken. Thanks to the miracle of science, all it takes is a capsule – a MedColl capsule that is. The result of years of research and innovation, MedColl uses the principles of genetic science to create a new generation of nutritional supplements called nutraceuticals that are scientifically proven to affect the way our body works, in a holistic manner.

Unlike traditional beauty supplements, which help boost our body’s levels of vitamins and minerals, MedColl nutraceutical tablets contain a precise and carefully designed cocktail of ingredients – all 100% natural compounds, which helps our cells combat free radical damage and replenishes the body’s natural levels of hyaluronan.

Its unique delivery system and its scientific formulation of collagen pre-cursors encourage the body to make more of its own collagen, and stimulate the genes responsible for producing vital youth hormones, such as estrogen. Results are visible within just 45 days – isn’t that amazing!

This is what makes the MedColl skincare therapy a particularly effective, and a sound, all-natural alternative to cosmetic surgery and fillers!


Image & Text source: Official press release

Watch out for my review on this wonderful product. Going to test for few weeks and see the result.

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