Iftar Review – AB’s Absolute Barbeques

 I was having one of those days where everything goes wrong. Starting with a fine early morning by Dubai Police to various other things that made me wish the day didn’t exist! By evening I wasn’t even in a state of cooking anything and was expecting some guests for iftar. Quickly logged on to zomato and checked the best rated places. AB’s seemed like a fine option and plus these all these great reviews here made it easier for me to choose.

Moving on to the iftar buffet, fighting the slow moving weekend traffic we finally reached our destination. The moment we entered, all I could see was food everywhere and obviously loads of people too. The servers were polite and kept talking about the restaurant and the kind of food they serve while walking us to our table. Also a point goes to the server for checking with each and every guest for their preference (veg/ non veg). To begin with.. we were served fresh fruit juices along with mini samosas/spring rolls and various other assortments. I didn’t eat much of those.. I was waiting for the real deal..the grilling to begin.

The grilled starters that I had were absolutely delicious.. I wanted to try the entire range but I couldn’t. We had paneer tikka,

abgrill honey glazed pineapple churassco, humble cheesy potatoes (because po-ta-tos😍 ), crispy corn, Caribbean chicken jerk, shish tawook, lahori fish which were set on the grill at our table. The DIY grill option is the highlight of this buffet. I was salivating looking at our food getting those char-ry marks. Also the aroma of the spices, a bit sweet, a bit warm was magical.The succulent chicken, soft paneer, tangy pineapple, crispy corn & my potatoes all were gobbled up in no time.

We were then been given an option of wish grill. This concept is popular at Indian weddings, wherein you instruct the chef of the ingredients, the spices and he grills it for you. There was also a chat station, salad bar and the usual cold mezze items.

By the time we reached the main courses, I felt like running away. Still for


Paneer Tikka Masala

the sake of reviewing I tried some dishes such as Dalcha, mirch ka Salan,Special Dal, Baked Vegetable Princess. They were just passable.. I mean I could have totally skipped that part out.If you are someone who isn’t into grilled food then the main courses are perfect for you. My guests were all gaga about the main courses too.

Coming to my favorite section, the desserts. Loved the Umm Ali, Shahi Tukda, Rabdi with Ghewars, the heavenly jalebis, mini gulab jamuns. The coldstone make your own ice cream was cherry on the top! I opted for white and milk chocolate chips, mixed with brownie pieces, nuts and oreo topped with chocolate sauce.The ninja chef quickly created the mix for me. Sister’s mix included fruits and vanilla ice cream( how not innovative!)


Chef creating my dessert mix 🙂

Worth the money? Yes! Absolutely! AED 88 p.p including soft drinks was a great deal considering the amount of food we had. The ingredients were fresh and were prepared with great care.Different? Yes! My guests enjoyed the busy place & the hospitality. They have been to Dubai several times but had never enjoyed their iftar meals so much.

Food ? Great variety, at a point I was confused of what to have and what to skip. I think they could trim down on the mezzes and the fried starters. They have a good balance of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.
Service? Polite staff, very courteous but during the end of our grill session, the service went a bit slow. However they gained points for the hygiene routine followed. Disposable Gloves were used during handling the food at all times.

Ambience? Comfortable, cozy and soft lighting.

Rating: 4/5

Umm Ali

Umm Ali

Overall, this is a perfect buffet where you can leave your shyness behind and eat as much as you want. My guests had no idea about the DIY grills and what the restaurant has to offer so this was like a surprise for them. I would suggest this place for first dates as it increases the interaction.

A good end to a what would have been a horrible day.

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2 thoughts on “Iftar Review – AB’s Absolute Barbeques

  1. What an absolutely lovely review!. Loved the pix. Omg.. I love paneer.. Would have loved some more pix… Your icecream choice sounds awesome. The kind that I like :).. Surely am gonna check out this place some day.. Great to hear you had a lovely time inspite of a bad rest of the day!

    • Hey sweetie..thanks for your comments . I would have loved more pics too.. but I forgot my dslr at home and my phone got damaged due to over charge in my car (yes bad day it was). I took pictures from my old phone. However on my next visit I will make sure I click more scrumptious pix.

      Have a lovely Ramadan. xx

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