Product review: Get Rid of Those Eyebags with Herbline Essentials Under Eye Gel

Stress, work, constant pressure on eyes and age affects the most on under eye skin. I recently noticed dark circles under my eyes. Never realized it before but when I took off the makeup, I kept staring at myself in the mirror. Though these were lighter circles but it concerned me ad so dis the eye bags. I always want a fresh look and not something that makes me look sick or tired.

I prefer beauty products that are less harmful to skin v/s those which have quick results but are filled with killer chemicals. So I got myself a HE Under Eye Gel which is easily available at leading pharmacies. Herbline Essentials and me go way back.. when they had first launched in the market, their products were an instant hit. I have tried many products from this brand and I must say, most of them have impress me. Except the apricot & honey scrub that had caused me slight rashes..that was really long back when they had different packaging.

Back to our Herbline Essentials Under Eye Gel review..let’s first read the excerpts from the box and understand the contents.


“This light and oil free gel, intensively revitalises the delicate under eye area giving a more youthful appearance. The gel, which includes SPF 15, moisturises and protects this delicate area from the ill effects of the sun and environment, and effectively reduces dark circles, bags and fine lines for a flawless result.”

Contents: Spring Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Honey, Carbomer, Almond Oil, TEA, Phenoxyethanol

Its amazing how these simple ingredients can turn into something so useful. The product is like a gel, clear and there is no color whatsoever. (as seen in image below)


Easy to use, just squeeze the pump on your palm twice for gel that would cover skin under both eyes. With tip of your finger apply the gel under the eye twice a day.

Used the product for two weeks and started noticing the difference. My skin under eye was getting lighter and fresher also it eliminated the eye bags( yey). The dark circles have reduced massively and I no longer resemble a panda bear but a fresher face. Happy to see the results of the product on my skin. When Ayurvedic products are so good, why opt for chemicals filled products? A bit pricey for AED136 (36/37$) but its worth the price.

You can purchase this product from Boots pharmacy or from They offer worldwide shipping option.


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