Exploring Yas Island My Way..

Many a times it so happens that a particular place gets stereotyped for a particular event because it has been associated with it for so many years. One such example is Yas Island which is generally known for F1 Grand Prix, grand concerts & other annual sports events. Travel agencies, marketing firms rely heavily on these events to gain tourism in this region of Abu Dhabi. However there is a lot more to experience at Yas Island. Whether you are attending one of the sporting events or someone who is at a short business trip or someone who has been tagged along with their partner on a trip or with your family, Yas Island has something for everybody.

Instead of relying on travel advisors & magazines try finding unique activities with help of bloggers, Instagram users from that region & interact with locals. I have made your research a bit easier by adding a few hidden gems that will enhance your experience and will give you unlimited options without spending a fortune.


– Learn how to master the art of making perfect pasta with Chef Angelo at Yas Viceroy’s cozy & beautiful Italian restaurant – Amici. Delizioso!

– Dine at Yas Mall’s Rogo which is F1 themed restaurant where food is served directly from rollercoaster track to your table or at Yas Marina’s Stars n bars which features a table that encases racing star Lewis Hamilton’s driving suit.

– Visit Ferrari world’s ll Podio that offers Asian & Italian delights that are prepared right in front of you.


– Take up a gaming challenge at Softair’s Battlezone at Yas Mall. You are just 8 levels away from being a champion. Fun &interactive!

– Always wanted to know how it feels to fly a plane? Try Etihad pilot simulator to fly over one of 24,000 airports. This one is an absolute real experience and the same stimulator is used to train real pilots.

– Visit Yas Viceroy’s Burlesque Bar & Lounge to step back in time. Glamour, drama, theater, live bands, Djs & dance performances while you sip on creative cocktails. Also you could check with your hotel for nearest rooftop bars or lounges.

– Stars N Bars hosts open mic sessions, live band sessions with in house talent Sound City & quiz nights where you can exercise your brain cells while feasting on.

– Quiz nights are also hosted at Golf Club’s Hickory Sports Bar located at Yas Links.

– Fan of Classic Cinema? You must ensure to visit Yas Marina’s Iris. Stylish Surroundings, warming and magical way to watch your classics such as Casablanca.

Explore & Relax

– Unwind like a celebrity, invite friends or just for yourself. Charter a Yacht with Safwa Marine and explore the Yas Island’s spectacular coast.

– Captain Tony’s Boat tours are very popular in the region. Hop on and explore the coast and inhabitants such as the dolphins. Their most popular stopover is at the Dolphin Bays and bank where you could snorkel too.

– One of most unique experiences is the Sunset or Sunrise Kayak tours where you can drift through mangroves and get close to wildlife such as Gazelles.Contact Noukhada Adventure Company for this innovative tour.

– Go Aerial with Seaplane and view a different angle of Yas Marina’s sparkling waters.

– Unwind at the award winning ESPA spa at Yas Viceroy. Equipped with modern technology such as jet pods, Espa spa will help you relax in every way possible.

– Get your skin glistening with rose facial at Radisson Blu.

Hope you have added this destination to your travel diary and noted down the ways to explore to the fullest. For more information visit www.yasisland.ae


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