Party On My Nails With Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure Kit

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing the gorgeous Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure Kit. This is a DIY kit that can be used at home to jazz up your beautiful nails. I was suppose to review this few weeks back but due to poor healthy I had to go all MIA.

Anyways so I happen to use this lovely manicure kit at one of Diwali Parties (Indian Festival). I was thinking this would be a messy experience but it turned out pretty well!

Firstly lets have a look at the contents of the pack.


I got the Club Tropicana to try which is neon orange with orange glitter. As you can see the contents of the kit, there is Black Light Topcoat mini, Neon Glitter & Base coat nail polish.

The application is pretty easy, apply the base coat twice and before the second coat dries add the glitter on top. The glitter looks bright beautiful & sugar like. Love the rough texture it gives to nails! I tried applying the glitter and leaving the nails without adding the black light top coat, however I noticed that the glitter started to fall and the top coat is a requirement. The black light top coat just changes the look of the manicure. It looks like matte glitter yet shines beautifully in sunlight, if you know glitter sand this looks exactly like that. Coming to the neon part..this manicure is just perfect! The color shines out in UV light and is a difference experience altogether. The black light coat dries off soon which means you could do this quickly. The manicure lasted me for a week and more. I am super happy with the way this manicure turned out a I did not have any expectations.


My only concern was the glitter, I wish the ciate 3D neon glitter manicure kit contained the funnel that is sold with the ciate caviar manicure set. The glitter spreads everywhere and is difficult to gather if the manicure is not done on a tray. My other minor concern was the removal of the manicure. The glitter had hardened so well on the nails, it almost felt like I had added glue to it. Its a bit difficult to remove but with Sephora nailpolish wrap removers the nails came out clean.

Here is the final result..

Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure Kit is priced at 150AED and is available at  Bloomingdales, Sephora, House of Fraser, selected Marks & Spencers and selected Virgin Megastores and online at Beauty Solutions Trading.

Love this look? Recommended some more fabulous Manicure kits by Ciate.

The Delectable Ciaté Caviar Manicure–  Indulge luxe-glam fantasies of a decadent ball attended by the glitterati, taking place in an evocative Italian Mansion, where women are dressed to the nines in designer wear. How does one stand out in the crowd? By adorning nails in a layer of luxurious caviar like pearls – of course! Available in Black, White and Rainbow. Ciaté caviar like pearls may be applied over any paint pot. AED 145.

Give Fashion-Forward Nails The Edge– Inspired by London’s urban graffiti artists, Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure takes street wear to new heights. Available in Carnival Queen, Wonderland and Kaleidoscope Klash. AED 145

Ciaté Sugar Caviar Manicure– Expose your inner chameleon with Ciaté Sugar Caviar Manicure, a delicious selection of sugar-sweet shades that are good-enough-to-eat.



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