On Reviewing Desk: Izil Multi-purpose Argan Oil

I love using multipurpose products as they provide you the option to use the product in your own way. One such fantastic product that we are talking about today is Izil’s multi-purpose argan oil. This bottle of goodness is harvested from Argan tree manually by the Berber women. Argan oil has incredibly high concentration of Vitamin E (twice as much as Olive Oil), antioxidants, carotenoids, polyphenols, and fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and 9.


When I first got the bottle to try out, I was just trying it out on my hands & feet to check how it reacts to my skin. Once it started suiting me, I tried it out on my hair too. Given below are my observations made in trial that I did for a month.

Skin: As mentioned previously, I started with hands & feet to see how the product reacts to my skin. As it’s a natural product, I didn’t face any issues such as redness or itching. It leaves a healthy sheen on the skin and the difference is visible but it did take time for the same to reflect. As it’s winter, I did try the product on my skin instead of moisturizer. Works well but then again if I don’t apply it regularly the difference wouldn’t reflect. Surprisingly, the product did help with lightening of the under eye circles & strengthening of nails.

Hair: Applied Argan oil and left it overnight to see the effects next day. Honestly the product did not work on my dry hair type. I couldn’t find any difference on the hair after a wash so I am unable to decide whether or not I should continue applying it on my hair.

Overall, Argan oil is one of those products I would recommend everyone to have at home. It mat not be as common as petroleum jelly but this natural product can do wonders to your skin and nails.  The spraying nozzle makes it easier to spray equal amount of oil and the bottle is easy to carry around.


Easy to use nozzle spray

Cost : AED 250

Purchase from: IZIL BEAUTY 


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