Discovering VANIDAY.

Often times it so happens that we want to book an appointment to our favorite salon but don’t have time to call them or completely forget about adding an appointment. I am one of those people too, I forget placing appointments all the time! Not only that.. but you can’t experiment with salons unless you personally visit them and find out about them. Thanks to Vaniday, all your salon appointments have been sorted.

When I came to know about the application, I was instantly sold on the idea because any app that would ease my work. Yes please! However at the same time I had my own concerns. Would it be easy to use? High tech? maybe my area isn’t covered? and most importantly, how would payments be made?

Vaniday is a free application that you can download on your smartphone or you could access their website to book salon appointments. They have a wide range of services such as hair, nails, spas, make up, massages & more available for both men & women. Let’s explore this app further and see the verdict.


Downloading & Discovering

Vaniday app is available on Google play store and App store .You can download the application or choose to browse their website. I personally preferred the application over the website as using the location tracking, Vaniday can track and list the salons nearest to you. Currently they offer bookings for Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

My hairdresser migrated from UAE and I am one of those that cannot adjust quickly to another one quickly. However I had to find one urgently so I set to explore with Vaniday and then found Beauty Balance Salon. Upon searching a bit on social media I found out that this new salon in town has had a lot of positive reviews. I was excited to try them out and booked my services though Vaniday.

The process of booking is really easy. Check out the steps below:

Explore: I could browse through menu of various salons in my area or any area for that matter. 


Book: I selected the service of my choice. I could select multiple services or one. The prices are clearly mentioned throughout the booking process so there is no room for doubts on the service charges. You can select the desired date & time for booking. If you haven’t already, you are required to log in/ sign up to move to the next step. 



You have an option to pay through the website, your information is secured OR you can opt to pay directly to the salon. In case if you have any coupon code, you can use that to avail discounts in this section.


Enjoy: Post booking, you just have to relax. A reminder email is sent to you with your booking details that have been confirmed. Free cancellation or rescheduling up to 12 hours before your appointment. You can read up the complete terms here.



Gorgeous Salon

When I visited the salon, they were well prepared as per my appointment and I didn’t even wait a minute. For payments I had informed that it was through Vaniday. That was it really!


vanidayreminderVaniday is a fantastic online platform that helps you with all beauty needs. Booking process is easy. It didn’t even take five minutes in total for the entire process and saved me from searching for prices and services. I was very satisfied with the whole experience and really didn’t have any issues with it. They also offer discounts on some salons, you can check the website for those. I did like the feature wherein the app gives pop up reminders about what services can be availed. You can also book your beauty services by phone on 052-428-4395 (for UAE only). Best to subscribe to their newsletter which will give you all the latest news & information on special vaniday packages. You could also gift a card to your loved ones.

Only possible drawback with the application/website is that you can only use the discount codes if you are paying through credit card. Some are reluctant to use the cards online but since this a secured site, I don’t  think any problem should occur.

About Vaniday

Vaniday offers salon/beauty booking services in Brazil, Australia, Russia, Italy, Singapore & UAE. For more details view their 


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