Beauty Balance Salon Experience+ Giveaway

Happy Women’s Day to all my fans! We are talking about Salons today..

You all must be having a salon fixed for all your beauty needs. A beautician that understands your skin, your hair and suggests you to try out the treatments suitable. In my case, my hairdresser migrated to another country, resulting in me not getting my hair done. It had been more than six months for sure and I was really upset that I couldn’t find a decent salon for something as simple as a haircut or a blow dry.

I first started my search with visits to the nearby salons, checking the staff’s behavior their hairdressers & amount of hygiene maintained. I did this with three salons and then gave up because it’s too tedious to go and get disappointed every time. I am not a very easy person to deal with and am very keen on perfection.

Finally my search ended when I found out about Beauty Balance Salon. I read a couple of positive reviews on them that were posted on one of their social media accounts. I had a positive feeling about it & so I decided to book myself for a haircut & blow dry session. The booking was through Vaniday – online payment option ( click to read about them) and was a super simple way.



On My Visit & Experience

After super easy way of booking, I arrived at the time of my appointment. I was not asked to wait even for a moment. Straight away I was taken to the area where all hairworks are done and I was asked questions on how I want my hair length to be and what look I am going for.

1457433921750Firstly, I have to commend the staff ( Ms Emma) for making me feel so comfortable. Even though we are from a different background and have different cultures we could easily strike a conversation because she was easy to talk with. She was not only good and kind but also great with scissors. Most importantly she was listening to me and not cross selling. Cross selling is one thing that irritates me a lot. Many may start selling you other things like why don’t you get highlights done? Why not keratin? etc which kind of puts you off. Nothing like that here, I was welcomed and we spoke about very general things like food and Dubai experiences.



The staff at any point were not aware that I am a blogger and for them I was just a normal customer who booked online for services. The experience was really good and my risk of trying out this salon was successful.


Tête-à-Tête With The Owner

The owner Ms Shahnaz was equally thrilled to have me and was very open to suggestion. I fell in love with her philosophy wherein she told me that beauty needs are not like grocery shopping. What matters to her is quality over quantity any day. That is something that I believe in too. What is the point of getting ten things done and still look like nothing is done versus making the client satisfied by even making a small difference on her.




Beauty Balance salon has a team of multilingual professionals who are ready to cater to all your beauty needs. If you are looking for a hairdresser, I would recommend Ms Emma who did fab job with my hair. She is the personal hairstylist of owner as well. They are located within the city and as you can see the menu, the rates for all the services are very reasonable.

Get connected to Beauty Balance Salon on Facebook  & Instagram  or contact them on 04 3510004 – 056 111 6658 , Orchid Vue Hotel- Burdubai (Parking available in the hotel)

Watch out for my instagram & facebook posts for a chance to win Hairspa, wash & blow dry at this gorgeous salon!!


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