#SeeTheRealMe Campaign by Clean & Clear ME


Teen skincare brand Clean & Clear® is boosting their ongoing engagement with Arab teen girls with an exciting new update to their #SeeTheRealMe movement: a collaboration with the region’s #1 boy band The5, to fan-source lyrics via social media for the band’s new single, ‘SeeTheRealMe.’

The new initiative kicks off on May 3rd and mobilizes fans across the region to show off their creative skills throughout the month on any or all of social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr. Fans can send their submissions in any format (video, pictures or written entries) and use the hashtags #SeeTheRealMe and #Write4The5.

Four talented girls will bring their talent and passion to the Clean & Clear Writing Camp, to be held in Dubai this July.

The campaign will culminate with the summertime release of the single #SeeTheRealMe and the official music video, both to be created during July’s Writing Camp.

So girls, this is your chance to shine! Start off, get creative and post your submissions. You never know when you get lucky!

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