Budget Fridays- Garnier’s Ultra Doux Honey Treasures Oil Replacement

I should not be sent for supermarket runs.. like seriously not. I end up buying drugstore beauty products more than the shopping list handed to me. Anyways so on my last errand I stumbled upon Garnier’s Honey Treasure range. I started reading the contents and was really impressed as a drugstore product can contain Royal jelly & bee propolis. So I decided to get myself Garnier’s Ultra Doux Oil Replacement for fragile & damaged hair.


About The Ingredients

honey : Besides nourishing, honey does keep hair really soft & natural. Its antiseptic & antibacterial properties are known worldwide.

Bee propolis: A natural shield that the bees produce for their hive. It has an antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal & some antiviral properties.

Royal jelly: You may or may not have noticed but Royal jelly is one of active ingredients in many cosmetics. For haircare products, it’s considered to be a great nourishing concentrate, due to its protein, vitamin B5 & lipids concentration. Royal Jelly has received recognition for its ability to restore hair from the roots and give it that gorgeous bouncy look.


Dove use to have a oil replacement therapy tub which sadly isnt available anymore. However I think I have found its replacement. Garnier’s Ultra Doux Oil Replacement worked wonders on my very fragile hair. The fragrance is fantastic and the smell the mellow tones of honey which is sweet.

I have tried this product as per the instructions on the tube. You can try in three ways.

Pre wash which is prior wash leave it in for 20 odd minutes and wash it off.

Post wash wherein you leave it like a conditioner in wet hair.

Finishing touches: You can apply on dry hair in replacement of a mousse or gel to keep hair intact.

I preferred pre wash the most because my hair tend to get greasy if I use the product post wash. The fragrance though stays throughout the day, I just loved that.

If you are someone who runs away from getting your hair oiled (like myself). You should definitely try this product out. It has helped in improving the texture of my hair. The product is a great hit for me as it ticks most of boxes. Does the job & low on cost plus my hair smell awesome! Getting this one again!

Cost: 13,50AED

Available at: All leading supermarket & hypermarkets across GCC.




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