Moshi – Summer Menu Review

A few weeks back we were been invited to Moshi’s blogger event to launch their new Summer Menu. I had to be there because I had heard so much about Moshi and the fact that they pay attention to vegetarian preparations in the most careful manner. Also they are so popular among so many of my friends. Along with this review, you will find excerpts from my tête-à-tête with the owner himself.

Since it was a blogger event, it was an absolute busy night for the restaurant, dishes, photos and more. So the service part of the the review could not exactly be covered but will cover the remaining aspects.

I started our tasting with some fabulous drinks. Strawberry Mojito and Lotus Milkshake. The Mojito was a bit tart for my liking but I really loved the bulb shaped glass it was presented in. The lotus milkshake on the other hand was yum! I was actually over with the obsession of Lotus biscuits but post this milkshake I fell in love with it again! It was thick, not too sweet but just perfect and freshly prepared.

For me, sushi is almost an uncharted territory because I was never fond of seafood and then post me converting to a strict vegetarianism I did not get many opportunities to try any vegetarian sushi. After the drinks, I had the cheesy oman chip sushi, broccoli & asparagus, cheetos sushi. The cheesy oman chips sushi was the best of three! Rolled in classic oman chips, filled with cream cheese we gobbled down the sushi and got some more of it! The broccoli and asparagus sushi was interesting one too. Stuffed with asparagus tempura, the broccoli sushi was delicious but a bit dry for my liking. The cheetos sushi was another new concept, each sushi roll was topped generously with cheetos chips, rolled in sesame seeds it tasted great but my heart would still go with the oman chips sushi.


I also got a chance to try BPD Dhokla Maki (Dhokla is steamed savory cakes from Gujrat, India) , Lebnah & Zaatar Maki and felafel Nigiri. The dhokla sushi was unique & delicious, I would have never imagined Dhokla in a sushi but wow this has amazed me on so many levels. The lebnah and zaatar maki was refreshing but average for me because the taste of zatar and lebnah has become an everyday thing for me. However it was interesting to see how these unusual ingredients were paired together and tasted well. The felafel nigiri was one of my favorites too. Felafel wrapped in nori wraps tasted fab!


felafel nigiri


dhokla maki


Lebnah zatar maki

We did want to try other vegetarian dishes however it was unfortunate that those were all sold out. However I will surely visit them again to try more of their deliciousness.

Overall, my guest and I enjoyed the tasting session and we even got a chance to add a Pink Asfoura Blog Lock at the restaurant 🙂 Some dishes were a hit, some were a miss but it was a fun tasting session and the good thing is that despite so much crowd the owner & the support staff did ensure to check with feedback from everyone personally.


With my chat with the owner Mr Rahul Sajnani , I was explained in detail for what goes in making the dishes so popular. Fresh Ingredients, on spot preparations and made to order dishes are one of reasons why Moshi is loved by most. The owner did highlight that for vegetarian dishes in particular the care is taken to prepare and serve them separately. The vegetarian dishes are served in white plates , while non vegetarian are served in orange plates. I also learnt that the rice used for sushi and maki rolls is gluten free and most of them are fat free too!

Seating area at the Oud Mehta Branch is casual with long sitting benches for groups and cozy corners for two all going with the theme of orange and white.

Visit them to try the delicacies mentioned above and more such as sushi burger, hot dog maki volcano roll and more.



Shop 5-6, Oud Metha Building, Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai or Barsha Behind Mall of Emirates

contact: 04 2759056

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