Skinny Genie – A Healthy Twist To Your Favorites

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say healthy food? SALADS? QUINOA? KALE?WATERMELON? BOILED BLAND FOOD? These are most common thoughts any average social media user would have. Its actually kind of true in a way because most people either stick to salads or go juicing in bid to become more healthier and leaner.

When Skinny Genie first approached me to review their offerings, I wasn’t too sure why they kept saying they offer healthy food. I mean they have pizza on their menu, there is pasta as well and a lot of other delicious dishes (I insta stalk all food related accounts). Pfft what?.. pizza isn’t healthy.everyone knows that.. Pizza completes the triangle of junk food pyramid! However I was proven so wrong because when they sent me the calorie count for it I was surprised ! I will reveal the calorie count for each of dishes in the end. Till then I would like you to guess the calories.

I was sent these vegetarian dishes for my review. A veggie pizza, Quinoas And Colors Salad, Multigrain Veggie Sandwich, Fresh Gnocchi Pesto & assorted Muffins.

Quinoas And Colors Salad: Its filled with lovely gems such as Red and white quinoa, chickpeas, cherry tomato, grilled zucchini, goji berry, dried apricot, parsley, mixed leaves, flaxseeds. The quantity is so much that it can keep you filled all day! I love how the dressing is kept really simple with just olive oil & lemon juice. The dressing enhances the delicate flavors of apricot, goji berries and tomatoes.


veggie pizza : It looked so inviting! Can you believe it that this pizza is gluten free? The base was a bit crispier than your usual thin crust that is because they have a special blend of gluten free flours such as tapioca, corn and rice. The toppings are great too with generous spread of their classic tomato base sauce , simple but flavorful mozzarella and my favorite broccoli. The portion served (30cm) is good for two and generally I have a good appetite but this pizza, I couldn’t have more than two slices.

Fresh Gnocchi Pesto: This was my most favorite dish! There is so much going on in it. The delicious pesto sauce, the pillowy gnocchi and the pine nuts for texture.. it is a classic with lower calories. Their pasta are all homemade and fresh which you can literally taste. These are a must try and again a good portion PLUS guilt free! I am actually salivating while writing this.. cuz these were so so good!


Multigrain Veggie Sandwich: A pretty pink package full of goodness.. this  sandwich is another hit with me. There is Kale, sundried tomato, baby mozzarella, red cabbage, pomegranate, sesame seeds & homemade pesto all on freshly baked multigrain baguette. The ingredients are so thoughtfully paired for the sandwich. In one bite you can taste all the goodness and the fresh baby mozzarella is cherry on the top. The calories are even lower than that of a salad and I would prefer this any day!


Assorted Muffins: There are some killer combinations in their assorted muffin box. As you can see above there is Hazelnut and nutella , raspberries and dark chocolate, Apricot & chocolate chip, Apple, cinnamon & chia and banana & oat flakes. I felt the hazelnut & nutella cupcake was a bit of a let down as it was dry, however the same dryness did not run through all the muffins but only some.

I am now revealing the calories for each dish and trust me there are some huge shockers here.

Quinoas And Colors Salad – 532 calories

veggie pizza- 970 calories ( no its not the calories of a slice.. its the whole 30cm pizza!) 

Fresh Gnocchi Pesto – 318 calories ( jaw drops.. what??? so low!)

Multigrain Veggie Sandwich – 265 calories (gimme that everyday!)

Assorted Muffins – 90 Calories per 100grms ❤ ❤

Overall the creators of Skinny Genie menu have carefully prepared the classic in the smartest way possible. All their dishes are Gluten free and Low in fat content, they do have vegan dishes as well. Thier dishes are super reasonable and the delivery service is accurate as per website . Only wish they had the green curry vegetarian version too.. I would love ordering that someday (i get major rice cravings sometimes)

Creating these classics in a healthy way is a tough job and needs a lot of knowledge. The passionate chefs at Skinny Genie take so much care in maintaining that equilibrium between tasty & healthy food. Healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless and low calori-ed but instead its all about smartly utilizing the calories. Skinny Genie covers all food groups while creating a balanced meal. This is highly important as many diets only concentrate on lowering calories but not helping in getting the required vitamins & nutrients required by body.
I am so glad to have reviewed Skinny Genie offerings as all their dishes are so unique ! Currently Skinny Genie is available for home/office delivery in Central Dubai. If you are located in any of areas covered by them, you should definitely give them a try!

Visit or call 800 Skinny for placing orders


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