Kiss Products USA- So Wispy & True Volume Lashes Review

Firstly I have to admit that prior the blogging phase in my life, I always thought Fake lashes are one of those products I will never use. However after I started understanding beauty products in depth and realizing that these type of products are purely for enhancement of beauty for example if you are attending a wedding or a special occasion and want to stand out and give that look to your face then fake lashes do that job perfectly for you. Also if you notice, the eyes look more defined when you see the celeb photoshoots, well thats not only photography and makeup but fake lashes too!

I first started using these lashes when by Emarati colleague insisted that I must try them. Always ready to try something new so fake lashes were worn on her wedding day. At first it was a bit heavy on the eyes but once I started using lashes, there was no looking back! So today I am reviewing So Wispy & True Volume collection by Kiss Products USA.

So Wispy Collection


So Wispy collection is one of those collections that features good thick lashes that not only give you a beautiful look but also make it look as natural as possible. Four sizes available 01, 02, 03 and 04. Since my lashes are already long, I wanted to add a good volume so I chose number 02 and found it a perfect fit. You can always alter these lashes as per your eyes. You can trim the lashes too in case you find the size to be a bit bigger. The lash band is very fine and blends in with the lash line! Kiss lashes are made of 100% human hair called Remy hair so it looks as natural as possible. You can totally wear them with contact lenses and these are easily removable with any oil based make up remover.

Kiss So wispy lashes are designed for all types of whether you have almond shaped eyes, small eyes & large eyes suits everyone. The only possible feedback for So Wispy collection is that it doesn’t include Lash Glue so you need to get that separately.

True Volume Lashes


If you not looking for longer lashes but want that thickness than these lashes are certainly for you. The good thing about Kiss Lashes is that these are tapered at the end so they look really fine and blend with the natural eyelashes so well. I really love the HOT from this collection as it  gives both volume and length equally. This collection is sold with the lash glue so I would say its a perfect starter kit for all those who want to practice false lashes application. I found this collection lighter to wear than the So wispy collection.

Overall, for a drugstore brand Kiss lashes have truly impressed me. You can re-use these lashes so they should last you about good 3-4 applications and as mentioned earlier they can be worn with contact lenses too. The tapered tip technology (with exclusive Japanese innovation) of lashes bring a huge difference as it gives more natural look as opposed to those crazy thick lashes available in the market. You can experiment on these with colored mascara prior application on your eyes and tadaa you’ve got colored lashes! These products are a blessing for those with sparse eyelashes so forget the mascara and get some Kiss Lashes. Kiss lashes are budget friendly products with costs ranging for 20-50aed for each pack.

Confused on how to apply these lashes? First time and need tutorial? This Tutorial by Celebrity make up artist Kristofer Buckle using Kiss Lashes is straight to the point. Click here to watch.

Now flutter in style! ❤

Get your Kiss USA eyelashes from leading supermarkets/hypermarkets & even pharmacies such as Aster, Boots and Bin Sina.



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