Restaurant Review: Prax’s

Jumeirah has always been my favorite late night hang out spot since childhood. The joys of having cheese regag from Labeeb grocery to Jabal Al Noor sandwiches and fruit cocktails, everything has its own beauty. My list of hangout spots in this area is increasing day by day and in my top five the latest addition is Prax’s.

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I was introduced to Prax’s when their lovely PR invited me for a dinner experience, had an option to choose from dine in/takeout or delivery. Opted for a takeout experience as I wanted to take a few shots of the restaurant as well.

To begin with I tried their Papaya salad and that really got me salivating. The freshness of the papaya , the crunchiness of peanuts, hint of spice from finely sliced chilies alongside the sweet cherry tomatoes is exactly what you look for in a traditional papaya salad (minus the oyster sauce) and Prax’s delivered to the taste!


For a picky eater like me, the freestyle option on the menu of mains is the best thing that could have happened because there are loads of options to choose from and you can do as many additions as you want. I chose the following:

Freestyle option 1

Jasmine Rice – Tofu – green curry sauce – mushrooms- baby corn – broccoli – peas. Topped with coriander

When we imagine a traditional green curry, its always this bright and beautiful green sauce along with seasonal vegetables and proteins. However at Prax’s they have given a twist to the traditional curry and made it a sauce base and the same is mixed in with subtly perfumed jasmine rice. I really like this version a lot because its perfect for busy times like in office when most of us are hurrying through our lunches. There is no spilling that will happen on your clothes and no need to transfer onto plates as you can eat out of box directly. The taste differs from the traditional thai green curry in obvious senses because here the sauce is absorbed by the rice already but it still manages to hit the right flavors. The portion is generous and so are the fried tofu pieces.


Freestyle option 2

Soba noodles – Tofu – chili Basil sauce- snow peas- Broccoli – bok choy – topped with spring onions

My friend and I were literally having a chopstick war over the last bits of this dish. That chili basil sauce is like crazy good! The dish is very mildly spicy and so flavorful! There is a certain smokey flavor profile to the dish, its perfect to compliment the soba noodles and the greens I had opted. Again generous with the tofu and the veggies. Highly recommending this combination.


Freestyle option 3

 soba noodles – Tofu – sweet and sour – pineapple – mixed peppers- mushrooms – topped with cashews and prax chilli paste

The yingyang chinese concept is very important for the dishes. The sweetness balanced with the sourness of the dish brings out the flavors well. While my friend did not enjoy this dish as the other two, I loved it. Also addition of pineapple made it a bit sweeter but I like it that way and the chili jam was cutting through the sweetness very well.


To end our meal, I tried out the Date & Caramel Panna Cotta. Had a bit of issue there as the my panna cotta was packed alongside all the hot boxes. By the time I reached home which is about 30 minutes away, the dessert had melted out from the bottom.I tried to set it back by keeping it in the chiller for a while. The taste was amazing though. Loved every bit of it and it was so light and had strong caramel taste to it.


In all honesty, I never thought these takeout boxes could have such a generous portion but I was so wrong. Each neon printed takeout box is filled sufficiently and they look so cute just like seen in american sitcoms. The boxes are clearly marked with the contents it carries so that orders dont get mixed up.


The open kitchen concept gives you a chance to look at your dishes being prepared. The jumeirah branch has seating arrangement in form of bar stools and airconditioned outdoor space. They have also opened a new and larger outlet at Barsha Heights which is quickly gaining popularity among many. The dishes are priced reasonably and they do offer combos as well.

Next time you are in Jumeirah/Barsha Heights hunting for a place that offers amazing food and value for money I would highly recommend Prax’s for their chinese and thai style dishes. That’s why I am crowning them the best takeout joint in Jumeirah 1!

Jumeirah Branch is open until 3am on the weekends & Barsha Heights is until 1AM for dine in and deliveries.

Prax’s certainly lives upto their slogan ” Hot on taste, big on flavors” I am totally imPraxed!!

Contact : 80077297

Check out their menu on Zomato.

Prax's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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