Kiss Eyebrow Palletes + Swatches

I am sure we all have had our share of experiences where our eyebrows have been plucked, trimmed and its finally reached that point where it looks like an absolute disaster. I have had several instances in past of such but thanks to brands such as Benefit, Dior and Too faced who introduced brow kits. These brow kits have helped me fill the sparse areas and give my eyebrows a fuller look or as they say nowadays eyebrows on fleek.

My first brow kit experience was with Dior, it was my sister’s kit that I never gave her back because I loved it so much! In case you are someone who is new to brow kits or doesn’t want to invest much in it then I suggest you begin with KISS brow palletes. There are two types of palletes that I tested. Beautiful Brow Pallete & GoBrow Pallete

Beautiful brow pallete


A detailed pallete contains:

Two brow colors
Four stencils
Two sided applicator brush
Brow comb & razor
Brow wax & spiral applicator

This little kit is a wonder for those seeking budget friendly products as in one kit you get all the essentials. I really like the fact that there is a highlighter in there which helps in enhancing the look and make eyebrows more prominent. The two colors in the pallete and highly pigmented and when I tested these on my eyebrows they looked perfect. The two sided applicator brush is useful too as the edged brush can help you shape and the sponge applicator can help you fill the brow itself. The wax helps in achieving long stay look for the colors. Check out the swatches for this pallete.


My concerns though are on the razor as it’s a bit flimsy and I was scared to use it to trim the eyebrows to give that perfect shape. Also the stencils can give you an idea of how you want the shape the arcs but it’s not going to fit on eyebrows as everyone has different shapes.

This brow kit can easily replace your expensive kits any day. Best for home use as it doesn’t contain a mirror.

Watch Kiss beautiful brow kit tutorial here 

Ruby Kisses GoBrow pallete

Brow wax
Three Stencils



GoBrow is a compact pallete that can easily fit in your clutch or even wallet. It’s so light weighted and a perfect pallete to carry along for touch ups. As mentioned earlier the wax is really strong and gel like texture helps keeping the color intact. However if you are exposed to high heat like I do in Dubai then it’s recommended to touch up after 6 hours. The colors and the wax are both long stay. This pallete comes in three shades dark brown, black and rich chocolate brown, so you can choose based on your skin type. Go Brow Eyebrow Kit consists of three stencils that you can use to achieve a full arch, a medium arch and a slim arch.


Concerns are on the stencils provided which can basically be a guideline to perfect shape but I wouldn’t suggest to rely on the same. As we all know every brow is unique, not even our left matches with the right one.

I felt both the palletes equally useful and are super budget friendly. The colors provided and suitable to all skin tones and both the kits come with easy instructions to use the same. These may last you up to three months in case used regularly. I really like such drugstore products that do the job perfectly. Be a Browfessional with Kiss beauty brow kits!

Pro tip: Tested this brow pallete for a different use too. My friend had some gray foreline hair, quickly brushed some of the color from beautiful brow pallete on her hair and finished with a wax for long stay. Voila! It worked! 😉

Get your Kiss USA Brow palletes from leading supermarkets/hypermarkets & even pharmacies such as Aster, Boots and Bin Sina.


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