Eatless – Natural Way to Supress Your Appetite

I have tried several appetite suppressants throughout my life. Majorly in my teens as I was obsessed with looking slim and attractive. However what I did to my body was pure harm. The suppressants that I used earlier worked but more on negative side. Once I stopped these very popular suppressants I started gaining weight rapidly. I didn’t realize it until it reached a point where it started affecting my health in many different ways.

I was scared. I am still scared to used any kind of product that promises ” rapid weight loss”.  So when Eatless team approached me to review the product, I had to research and understand everything before I commit to it.


So what is Eatless exactly?

Eatless contains Appethyl, an appetite suppressing solution derived from spinach. Appethyl slows down the digestion and absorption of fat, at the same time it helps your body release intestinal hormones naturally which promotes satiety and suppresses hunger. It significantly reduces cravings for sweet and palatable food.

The active substances inside Appethyl is known as thylakoids. These thylakoids are found in abundance in a simple leafy vegetable – Spinach. It is the only ingredient on the product and there is nothing else to it. This revolutionary discovery was done by Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, Professor at Medicine and Physiological Chemistry at Lund University in Lund, Sweden.

Needless to say, I was really impressed with the information received and decided to give it a go. I don’t have a voracious appetite but sometimes I crave cheesy & fatty foods. These cravings are crazy and there is no stop to it until I take any action.


My review & results:

I always consume small meals. Even at tasting sessions, I am one person who love photographing beautiful food rather than eat all at once. Having small meals helps me control the portions which is the only thing you require to do along with consumption of Eatless.

My Eatless pack was for fourteen days which costs as little as AED160 (11.5dhs a day). The best time to have Eatless is early in morning. It can be added to your morning smoothie or fruit yogurt. Consumption of Eatless can be done as itself but Appethyl needs a certain amount of fat to free their full potential. Therefore it is advised to consume with a teaspoon of oil.

I personally found the taste a bit off at first. Its not bitter but a bland earthy taste and the green color kind of distracts me but hey all for good right?

I am super busy in mornings and have absolutely to time to create fancy smoothies to start my day with. I chose to consume my Eatless sachet with either Laban (buttermilk) or Juice. I personally preferred fat free laban as it tastes refreshing. Followed by a balanced diet and good water consumption.

Week 1

Started light exercises, weights and cardio thrice a week combined with Eatless. Balanced diet all along. Lost 940 grams in weight and sugar cravings reduced.

Break of 2 days taken but continued with control on food portions and cravings reduced massively. It was my bff’s birthday and we had a massive cheesecake at our place but somehow I only had a bite of it. I couldn’t consume it at all because I felt so full! That was a first for me as I had never turned down a cheesecake before.

Week 2

By week 2, I was convinced that EATLESS works! So I worked harder and did a lot of yoga combined with the consumption of Eatless and balanced diet. Voilaaa by the end of week two I had lost additional  1.8 kg. 😀

While for some its easy to loose weight, for me that isn’t the case. No matter what I do, I gain it back but hey not this time!

I have completed my fourteen day course and with a total loss of 2.7kg which is healthy reduction. Not only that, Eatless has impacted my sugar cravings too. I feel less attracted towards desserts. Since this is working, I might give it another go..

As I dip into the late twenties list, I am more focused on eating healthy rather than rapid weight loss.

They have programs for

2 weeks – AED 160

1 Month – AED 280

2 Months – AED 400

You can purchase Eatless at Lifesyle nutrition, Holland & Barrette & Good health. Alternatively, you can order from Eatless website they offer free delivery within UAE.

Visit them on Instagram 









2 thoughts on “Eatless – Natural Way to Supress Your Appetite

  1. I will try it after having baby I lose 10 kg weight but my tummy is not flat doing every exercise but no results try this hope to have some results. Thank you for such amazing information

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