Indian Coastal Cuisine At NH17

Most of you may know Route NH 66 (formerly known as NH17) as the route covering area right from the state of Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu. Not going much into the detail of geographics here but this idea inspired an entrepreneur who has introduced cuisine from this region to Dubaites.
NH17 offers cuisine from the coastal region and their menu is really a elaborate one. Located at Sea view hotel Mankhool this place is jampacked with seafood lovers. However Indians being Indians, we always welcome vegetarians no matter how popular the place is for non vegetarians/pescatarians.
Coming to the food, we had a lot of options so for the starters my guest and I opted for paneer chilly dry and vegetable seekh kababs. Both perfectly made, in fact the kebabs were really cooked well and moist throughout. For our mains we opted paneer ghee roast and sabzi panchamel. Interestingly, paneer ghee roast paired with neer dosa is a popular dish of Mangalore. A word of caution for those who don’t like spicy food, Paneer Ghee roast is a spicy dish. On the other hand is the panchamel vegetable curry that was sweet, rich and flavourful with our hot cheese kulchas. They do serve biryanis as well, I opted for vegetarian biryani that had nuts and vegetables well cooked. As the manager highlighted to us, only aged and long grain rice are used at the restaurant and poor quality is not accepted.
To end on a sweet note we tried out the desserts. Gulab jamun & creme caramel. Both were served in a very homely manner. The presentation was a bit weak but taste wise it was just perfectly sweet.
Though the restaurant really does look smaller from the outside, it is spacious and beautiful inside. interesting dim lighting, woodworks and bright red handiwork table runners creates a welcoming atmosphere for the guests. My concern was a bit for the service as initially the service was a bit slow because the restaurant was packed on the weekend. Also we had to highlight the staff several times to get cold juices and not warm which were rectified much later. The service definitely needs improvement. The staff though were very courteous throughout.
Overall, if you are a fan of coastal cuisine or want to try something Indian but different then this is a place to head. All dishes including the starters are generously portioned and easily share-able between two.
Visit  NH17 Indian Coastal Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato for rating and more images from this tasting session.

2 thoughts on “Indian Coastal Cuisine At NH17

  1. Waaw Yummy food,.. Being a Mangalorean I was born with eating Neer dosa 🙂 ha ha I love Ghee roast + Neer dosa combination,.. Its yummmm

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