New Restaurant On The Block – Spiceklub

When I first heard about Spiceklub I was super excited because this place is just few minutes away from my home. Also that it’s a all vegetarian franchise from Mumbai that claims to offer diners a molecular gastronomy experience at reasonable prices. I have literally grown up watching Heston Blumenthal series on food and science so it was interesting to see how far can Spiceklub replicate similar experience to their diners.
My guest and I were invited for the preview on weekday dinner service. At first sight the restaurant is already filled with a lot of customers, mostly families which is a good sign because that means the restaurant is running well in its first week.
Since this was a blogger invite, the chef had already selected the dishes and the same were presented to us. For appetizers, we tried the dahi Wada, masala makai seekh, naanza & hara bhara kabab. Unlike other restaurants, Spiceklub offers you a wide selection of accompaniments with your appetizers a total of 8 in cute cutting chai glasses. We loved the Naanza (don’t have it cold though as it goes chewy) and surprisingly the dahi Wada which was presented in spherical blobs on tasting spoon with bondi (besan fritters) and chutneys. It was a very interesting dish and I wasn’t initially keen on trying it but once I had, I couldn’t stop! The other two appetizers were passable.
Of the drinks we tried, the fruit lassi topped with rabri foam which definitely stood out. These were more of eating dish rather than drinking. The other drink was kokum based, a bit like sweet and sour mix which was alright.
For the main courses, we had paneer dish and a dal dish. Both of which were simple, no fuss dishes perfect for someone who doesn’t want to experiment much. For breads we had the missi roti and the garlic cheese naan. The missi roti was too hard to chew on and not a match with the main courses.The naan on the other hand was moist and perfect. Apart from this we also tried the vegetable dum biryani and anaar raita which were simple again but flavorful.
The desserts we tried were paan mousse, flowerpot and old school lollies. All three dishes were interactive and fun! The ice lollies taste wise were not the best but gains points for the fun element. The flower pot was delicious with lightly sweetened mousse with rasmalai at the bottom, chocolate soil at the top all created with Belgium chocolate. It was the best dessert of the three. Besides this we also tried the pan mousse which is presented on the table which nitrogen liquid poured over the top, it freezes the mousse which is on base of a rose petal. Now I am not a fan of rose petals or paan actually so I wasn’t impressed with the dish but my guest found it interesting and he enjoyed it. We ended our meal with gulkand chocolates which were bursting with flavor.

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 The food is definitely not the issue at Spiceklub because you certainly get your money’s worth both flavor-wise and quantity wise. The issue is the service which I found a bit slow before, during our mains and towards the end as well. I did ask for the drinks menu several times to try out something else but that never came instead the desserts arrived. I felt the staff do require a bit of additional training so that they can improve upon minor details like prompting guests in timely manner for any additional requirements.
Decor-wise, the restaurant is very trendy and colorful. With quirky lighting and pillows that quote famous Bollywood dialogues this place is casual and appealing. I loved the addition of colors through the rangoli wall.
Overall, Spiceklub is a good option to try for vegetarians. It’s different, it’s interesting and curiosity is certainly attracting many to try out this place. There are few hits and few misses from the selection of dishes we tried. The staff is courteous throughout the service, they do help with suggestions too. Service though is bit of a concern which hopefully will improve with time.
  • Kids friendly
  • Party/Events
  • All Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Jain options available
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Reservation recommended

contact 04 3931233, visit SpiceKlub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato for menu and more images from my tasting 🙂


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